Idea Lab!

Stepping into the AASL23 Idea Lab was like seeing all the ideas in a librarian brain come to fruition at once. The Central Ballroom practically hummed with “ooooooh, I love that!” vibes. Many librarians shared projects centering on student creativity, engagement, and literacy. Librarians are passionate about their students and it showed! One librarian shared that the idea she was displaying was the result of years of work. I thought these words were some of the most important I heard while in the room. It’s easy to see the gems that inspire us to go back to work on Monday to leap into new ideas as well as the projects that will require deeper thinking. I’m excited about implementing some literacy ideas for fall and more to move forward with over time. Thank you to each of you who shared a presentation in this personal format-you were the best inspiration to launch our conference!

Author: Carolyn Vibbert

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