Ideas Rule at IdeaLab!

(Britannica Image Quest)

(Image courtesy of Britannica Image Quest)

The mission of the IdeaLab is to provide a visual representation of real-world learning taking place in libraries and classrooms.  The IdeaLab will showcase many topics and ideas including STEM, STEAM, global education, social action, augmented learning, Next Gen, and inclusion.  Tying into our theme of evolution, the IdeaLab will motivate librarians to think differently and critically about possibilities and opportunities for their students and patrons.  Each 32-inch electronic “poster” will give participants the opportunity to see instruction in action.

IdeaLab will take place Thursday afternoon, November 5, 2015 from 1:00 until 3:00 pm in the Terrace Ballroom.  Please join this unique learning experience and see first hand what librarians are doing in many facets of learning.  Take time to see evolution in process before heading over to the opening session  at 3:30. We look forward to seeing you in the lab!

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