Ideas for Using AASL Best Websites: FlipQuiz

Now that school is starting back, it’s time to start sharing some great ideas for the AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning. At the American Library Association Annual Conference in June, 2015 twenty-five new websites were presented by the AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning committee. This month one of the new winners FlipQuiz will be featured.

If you are looking for an intuitive, user-friendly site to create a game show style board for your students in your classroom or library then FlipQuiz is the site for you. Good for library or class orientation, think, pair, and shares, quick knowledge bursts, test reviews, or if you’re just looking for a fun way to quiz your students. Think Jeopardy from television and you have FlipQuiz (see Image below from FlipQuiz).


FlipQuiz is free to use. Librarians, educators, and their students can create questions, answers, and have a lot of fun with this learning game-based site. There is a pro level as well that cost seven dollars a month. The pro level offers images and videos with the FlipQuiz board, the use of other boards created by FlipQuiz users, the creation of flashcards from quiz questions, and more. But FlipQuiz the gaming system for classrooms and libraries is completely free and totally fun.

Want to see more? Check out the video below that introduces you to FlipQuiz, how it works, and how it can be used in your instruction.


Author: Heather Moorefield-Lang

Heather Moorefield-Lang is an associate professor at The University of South Carolina in the School of Library and Information Science. To see more of Heather’s work visit her website at, email her at, or follow her on Twitter @actinginthelib.

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