Increase Students Following on Social Media

Do you have a library Twitter account? Maybe an Instagram account too?

When we started our library social media accounts, we received followers from other libraries or librarians, but we were not getting student followers. What could we do to make the account meaningful and easy to follow for our students?

Library Orientation

First, we integrated the social media accounts into our library orientation at the beginning of the school year. During an interactive scavenger hunt, one location involves students accessing our Twitter account. Students receive a piece of candy if they follow us. Another location involves a photo booth with students taking selfies with books or other library items. Using a the library’s preset iPad, students can access the Green Screen app to add fun backgrounds too.

The photos from the library orientation are later posted on social media. (All students have a district-signed media release form.)

Photos Posted on Instagram Wall

The library staff takes photos of students in the library throughout the school year. These photos are then placed on the library walls to advertise our Instagram and Twitter accounts. The wall is placed in a popular location in the library where students often congregate.

QR Codes to Gain Followers

We also place QR codes in the library that go directly to the follow part of the account. Students access the follow section to immediately subscribe or follow the account.

QR Code and Twitter

Instagram and Nametag

Post Relevant Information for Students

Not only do we post pictures of students utilizing the library, but we also like to post about activities throughout the school. We may retweet the school newspaper tweets or congratulate an athletic or performing arts group.

Although we include assignment details on our website, we tweet helpful hints or commonly asked questions. For example, students received a revalidation message for Noodletools. To spread the word about the new code, we posted information about how to access the new code on social media.

We have fun with the accounts too! The television show The Office is a hit with our students. We commonly tweet funny memes that go with our announcements. We like to wish students a great Monday or happy Friday.

For more examples, follow us on social media.




How do you gather followers on social media? Comment below to share with others.

Author: Becca Munson

Becca Munson, Librarian, is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 24 years of experience in education. Becca is the Coordinator for Library Systems in the Blue Valley School District. Previously, she was school librarian at Blue Valley West High School. She opened two buildings in Blue Valley and spent some time as an Ed Tech Specialist before returning to libraries. Becca supports over 45 librarians and support staff as they work to fulfill the mission of flexible scheduling, collaboration, and literacy.

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