It’s almost time for the next #AASLchat!

The AASL School Library Event Promotion Committee is excited to host February’s #AASLchat! Join in on the chat February 22, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. EST.

This chat, first introduced last month as the #AASLpromotes Twitter Chat, provides a short 30-minute timeframe to connect librarians across the country and to energize them with idea-sharing and conversation with a diverse group of librarians. Because of the rapid nature of this chat, the committee has lessened the number of questions from 5 to 3 to allow for more conversation among participants. Also, the committee encourages anyone who cannot participate live to schedule their responses using a tool such as Tweet Deck. This month’s chat will focus on Black History Month, diverse collections, and Women’s History Month. A preview of this month’s questions is below:

Q1: {7:35 p.m.} Q1 Black History Month is in February, but why not celebrate all year? What are some practical ways librarians can differentiate instruction to support learners’ understanding of cultural relevancy and placement within the global learning community? (SL II.A.3) #AASLchat

Q2: {7:45 p.m.} Q2 Libraries share stories of people from all walks of life. What books do you share with students to celebrate diversity? #AASLchat

Q3: {7:55 p.m.} Q3 Thinking ahead to March and Women’s History Month, let’s curate some resources to share with our students in the coming weeks. Identify a resource or two and how you might integrate it in your library program. (SL.IV.A.2) #AASLchat

We encourage all librarians to follow the hashtag (#AASLchat), participate in the chat, and invite your colleagues to join us! We look forward to chatting with everyone February 22!

This chat is brought to you by the School Library Event Promotion Committee. Committee members include Lisa Brakel, district school librarian at Airport Community Schools; Chelsea Brantley, librarian at Nags Head Elementary School; Jennifer Habley, web communications manager at AASL; Eboni Henry, school media specialist at District of Columbia Public Schools; Amanda Hurley, library media specialist at Henry Clay High School; Amanda Jones, librarian at Live Oak Middle School; and Cathy Pope-Gotschall, teacher librarian at Tracy Unified School District.

Author: Chelsea Brantley

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  1. Thank you to Chelsea and the School Library Event Promotion Committee for organizing the 2/22/21 chat around questions that focus on how to expand our spotlights on Black History and Women’s History, not solely during the months of February and March respectively, but all year long.

    We appreciate you for publicizing and publishing the questions in advance so that participants can think about our responses and organize the resources we want to share.

    See you there!

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