It’s School Library Month; Let the Celebrations Continue!

April is School Library Month, and students and staff around the globe continue to celebrate all month long! This year, library staff at Nags Head Elementary School are commemorating the occasion by promoting the library and all it has to offer.

Here’s what we are doing in honor of School Library Month:

I Love My Library Flipgrid
Teachers and students can add to our “I Love My Flipgrid” and share why they love the library. We also are encouraging students to share their favorite library memories. We highlight one of these videos on the news program each day. Students love to see themselves on the news and share their library stories.

Library Trivia
In addition, each week we ask a trivia question about the library on the news show. At the end of the week, we announce the winner, who gets a brand new book! This year’s questions are the following: 1. How many books are in the library? 2. Which book is checked out most? 3. Which class has checked out the most books this year? Students enjoy submitting their guesses and finding out the correct answers at the end of the week.

Logo Contest
Also, we are having our first NHES Library logo contest. We invite all students to design a logo that creatively promotes the school library. Students will watch a lesson on graphic design and create an image that represents our library. Library staff will select the top ten entries, and students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite design.

Throughout the month, our goal is to remind students and staff that the library is so much more than a space in the school. Since students at our school are not allowed in common spaces due to COVID-related safety guidelines, we are hoping to make our resources and mission visible to everyone.

Remember, it’s not too late to celebrate your school library! If you are looking for ideas, try one of the ones below.

  • Share the top 10 most checked out books in the library. Students and staff love to know which books are popular right now.
  • Recognize teacher “reader-leaders” who have checked out books from the library. Share their favorite books with students.
  • Promote the public library with a library card drive. Have library card applications on hand, and share with students why a public library card is important.
  • Inform students about fun opportunities hosted by the public library. Forming a strong relationship with your public library will make your library stronger!
  • Promote new library books with an eye-catching display or video to pique students’ interest.

No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the rest of this special month and continue to promote your library program all year long!

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  1. Chelsea is a reading cheerleader! Thank you for teaching our students AND staff. We learn from you every day!

  2. Way to go! You love to teach and it shows.

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