Meet the Next Generation of School Librarians in the May/June 2017 Issue

Recently there has been much discussion about the future of school libraries and the importance of school libraries with certified school librarians. This seems like perfect timing for the May/June issue of Knowledge Quest: Preservice School Librarian Voices. It is inspiring to read about the fresh ideas and experiences of future and new school librarians. As we know, there is no better learning than firsthand experience, and the authors of these articles do a great job sharing how important that can be. Here is a sneak preview of what to expect from the features in this issue:

  • Susan Altman shares her invaluable experiences as a school library assistant while she completed her MLIS.
  • William Henley takes a similar topic in a slightly different direction by comparing learning in his MLIS program to his practical experiences in the school library.
  • Tonya Potter and Kara Johnson share a partnership between a school and a public library to increase and support summer reading, just in time for summer!
  • Allison Rothman reports her action research related to e-book usage and gives helpful suggestions for school librarians who are considering moving into the e-book world.
  • Suzanne Sannwald takes the idea of “User Experience Design” from business and puts it into the context of school libraries for an eye-opening look at simple changes we can make for big benefits with our students.

Also included in this issue is a very timely article from Tripp Reade about a puzzle-themed library orientation. In the age of escape room popularity, why not add puzzles to your orientation?

Final powerful words of inspiration come from author Peter Brown Hoffmeister as he tells about the power of books throughout his life and how his “life has been saved by books.”

I hope you enjoy the articles in the May/June issue of Knowledge Quest. In the hands of great new librarians just entering the profession, the future is bright for school libraries!

About the Guest Editor

Karla Collins is an assistant professor at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. A member of AASL, she serves on the Knowledge Quest Editorial Board and chairs the Educators of School Librarians section. She also serves on the Association of American University Presses Book Selection Committee. Among her recent publications is “Reaching All Learners in the School Library,” which appeared in the May 2016 issue of School Library Connection.

Read her Guest Editor Column, “Seeing the School Library from Pre-Service Students’ Perspectives.”

Knowledge Quest, Volume 45, No. 5 – Preservice School Librarian Voices


Truly Getting to Know the Students: Benefits of Being a Library Assistant while Studying for an MLIS Degree
Susan Altman

Getting Out of the Discussion Boards: The Benefits of Practical Experience
William Henley

Two Libraries Working toward Common Goals
Tonya Potter and Kara Johnson

E-Books in Public School: Are We There Yet?
Allison Rothman

Practical User Experience Design for School Libraries: 5 Tips for Improving Day-to-Day Life for Your Users…and You!
Suzanne Sannwald


The Clock Is Ticking: Library Orientation as Puzzle Room
Tripp Reade


CBC Column
Reading Can Save Lives
Peter Brown Hoffmeister


President’s Column
Looking beyond the Horizon: People, Places, and Things
Audrey Church

Guest Editor Column
Seeing the School Library from Pre-Service Students’ Perspectives
Karla Collins

Author: Karla Collins

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