Meet the 2022 AASL Candidates for Election – Supervisors Section (SPVS)

The AASL election season is quickly approaching, and we have an outstanding slate of candidates standing for office!  AASL is continuing the practice of using the KQ website as a venue for you to learn more about each candidate. Those standing for office were given the opportunity to introduce themselves with a short video on the AASL channel on YouTube  and to use this space by responding to the following prompt:What would you say to someone if they were to ask you ‘Why AASL?’ ”

Each candidate is immensely qualified and is a leader and advocate for our profession. As you view their videos and read their responses, consider how each will lead our profession during these unprecedented times. Consider who can effectively carry out AASL’s mission statement to empower leaders to transform teaching and learning. Our association needs your input as to who will lead us in the future. Vote to show support for our national association and for the candidates standing for office, and encourage other AASL members to vote as well. Voting makes a difference and your vote matters!

Statements and/or videos were a voluntary option offered to all candidates.

Mark your calendar to cast your vote while polls are open, March 14–April 6.

The candidates for the Supervisors Section, Chair-elect are:

  • Lindsey Kimery
  • Kathleen Sheppard

Lindsey Kimery

There’s never been a better time to be part of AASL.  AASL offers a community for you to…

  • inquire about anything from instructional resources and program administration to policy and legislation.
  • include your ideas while diversifying your skill set as you learn from the perspective and expertise of school library leaders in every state.
  • collaborate and connect with school librarians across the nation and know that you are not alone in the issues you face.
  • curate ideas and information to elevate your practice and advocate for your school library program.
  • explore high quality professional learning.
  • engage with a network of school librarians like you!

AASL serves as a guiding light for our profession as we navigate challenges and change. It’s also a place we celebrate the work we do for our students and school communities. I’ve grown as a school library advocate and leader because of the opportunities I’ve had through AASL. You will be a stronger leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator. Your students ultimately benefit from your growth as a school librarian through participation in AASL.

Kathleen Sheppard

Why AASL? 

The pandemic has presented both challenges and opportunities for all of us as educators. The changing educational landscape post-COVID 19 will impact our communities with unprecedented pandemic relief funding in addition to impactful issues facing both students, teachers, and entire communities. 

Here are some ideas that best answer “my” why.

  • AASL membership brings school librarian voices together empowering us to transform teaching and learning. As a National organization, AASL examines current issues, trends and helps in defining future relevance with a strategic plan. 
  • AASL provides a collective voice of School Librarians to navigate reinvesting in school libraries. School districts across the nation are deciding how to spend ARP/ESSER funds. AASL provides leadership supporting the correlation between strong school library programs staffed with a certified librarian and student achievement.
  • AASL Town Halls provide both an opportunity to build community and give each of us a voice and network of professionals. The fellowship and learning provide advancement of professional practice. 
  • The 3-year study by Keith Curry Lance and Debra Kachel SLIDE report produced key findings that AASL members as leaders can share with stakeholders to reinvest in school library programs. 
  • AASL continues the Administrator Cohort initiative that increases understanding of an effective school library “where the school librarian provides an inclusive and personalized learning environment, creates equitable access to diverse resources, and transforms teaching and learning for all learners.”
  • AASL provides free resources via the AASL Learning Library, including webinars, presentations, and Knowledge Quest articles to expand your School Librarian practice. 
  • AASL membership empowers members with numerous opportunities to learn so that we can lead learning in our schools and communities. Connect with the AASL Member Forum or sign-up for E-mail alerts and connect with your fellow educators. 

Leadership, Vision, and Support ARE AASL. All voices matter. 

Joining AASL was the best decision I made!


Author: Kathy Carroll, AASL Leadership Development Committee Chair

As AASL Immediate Past President Kathy Carroll is chair of the AASL Leadership Development Committee.

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