Meet the 2023 AASL Candidates for Election – Independent Schools Section (ISS)

Once upon a time that is now, valiant school librarians bravely arrive at school every day to promote literacy, diversity, equity, inclusion, the right to be educated, and the First Amendment right to read. These amazing knights of knowledge, princes and princesses of peace, face down enemies of their kingdoms with swords of truth that are being battered aside by the strong foes of misinformation. We feel battle-worn but continue to stand as voices for the voiceless and strength for the weak. Make no mistake, school librarians are amazing–YOU are amazing!

It is now March again and time for the AASL membership to elect the valiant volunteers who will lead our organization forward! Please join me in cheering on the brave candidates who have agreed to stand for election, adding national leadership to their repertoire of skills. They have introduced themselves in videos on the AASL YouTube Channel. They have also written answers to the following question: “Every school librarian is a leader. What is one of your leadership traits, and how will you use that to forward AASL’s mission and vision for every learner to have a school librarian?” Please read through their answers below and be sure to vote when the ballot arrives in your inbox.

Thank you to the valiant volunteers who have served as AASL leaders and those who have agreed to lead into the future. We may each be weary in today’s climate, but together we are stronger. We are School Librarians. We are AASL.

Statements and/or videos were a voluntary option offered to all candidates.  Mark your calendar to cast your vote while polls are open, March 13 – April 5.

The candidates for the Independent Schools Section, Chair-elect are:

Elle Hauschen

Kate Lewallen

Ellen Hauschen

Kate Lewallen

In one of my first real leadership positions, I was given the advice that great leaders listen more than they talk and routinely ask for feedback from those that they lead. I have taken this advice to heart in every leadership role I’ve held since then, including in my own school library, and I’ve seen time and time again how following it can create growth and foster belonging within a community. In AASL, these traits are particularly important because the organization is meant to be a resource for school librarians, and soliciting feedback and acting on that feedback are the only ways to be sure that we are successfully serving you. We have many shared experiences across our profession, but our schools and communities are also unique – that’s part of why ISS exists within the larger organization. As chair of ISS, I would make sure that the section continues to be a safe space for independent school librarians to share their joys and their challenges, both shared and unique, and I would seek your thoughts about what topics you want the section to focus on. I know my needs as a middle and high school librarian are different from those of an elementary level colleague, and by listening to your needs I will continue to make the Independent Schools Section a useful resource for you and your library.

Author: Jennisen Lucas, AASL Leadership Development Committee Chair

As the AASL Immediate Past President, Jennisen Lucas is chair of the AASL Leadership Development Committee.

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