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According to a article,

Successful leaders always provide feedback and they welcome reciprocal feedback by creating trustworthy relationships with their colleagues.

How often do we solicit feedback from our students, staff, parents and administration?  We certainly receive yearly evaluations from our supervisors and principals.  Hopefully we have at least quarterly observations and reviews and we work with our administrators to formulate our professional growth plans, showing the results of our hard work, planning, and instruction.

But how often do we receive feedback from our staff?  Do we send surveys and forms about resources, technology, teaching and learning?  Do we ask our colleagues to rate our library media programs, our services, and our work with them and others?

And what about feedback from our students?  Are we actively seeking their input on resources, materials, reading and research habits, and other interests in order to better inform ourselves, our programs, and our work?

Here are some great basic survey tools to consider:

  • Survey Monkey – The free version of this online survey tool allows up to ten questions from 100 respondents and is a basic survey tool that is good for short surveys.
  • Zoomerang – Similar to Survey Monkey, this tool offers basic surveys but with options to upgrade for a price.
  • Survey Gizmo – Another low-cost option with some advanced settings for basic surveys.

For those of us already using Google Drive and Google Docs, we can create forms for surveys.  This is another free option for getting the feedback for improving our library media programs and our work with our school communities.

What survey tools are you using to gather feedback and input?


Author: Deanna Harris

I have spent my career in education as a middle grades language arts teacher, a middle grades teacher librarian, and a coordinating teacher at the NC Department of Public Instruction. During my twenty-three years, I have focused on teaching and learning, student achievement, and teacher leadership. I have worked with beginning and veteran teachers through mentoring, internships, staff development, and professional learning teams.

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