Monday Means Leadership: What Leaders Do You Follow?

girlThere are probably a number of educational leaders, school library leaders, and educational associations and organizations that you follow.  But have you every thought about following other gurus in the field of leadership, those outside of education?  Many of their principles, values, and beliefs can carry over into your professional and personal lives.  Here are a few of my favorite leaders to follow.  If you haven’t taken notice of these folks, check them out!

  • John Maxwell – His leadership philosophy is “everything rises and falls on leadership” and is based on three words: inspire, challenge, and equip.  Read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @JohnCMaxwell
  • Seth Godin – His mantra – Go Make Something Happen! – is at the heart of his leadership philosophy and his writings about ideas, marketing, and change.  Read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @ThisIsSethsBlog
  • Stephen Covey – His 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and subsequent books, trainings, and workshops have been used in both the corporate world and educational settings. Check out his website:
  • Dan Rockwell – Known as the Leadership Freak, his leadership ideals grew out of his desire to make a difference in the world. His thoughts and ideas are found on his blog,, and on Twitter @leadershipfreak
  • Gretchen Rubin – Her books and writings on habits and happiness inspire others to manage their professional and personal lives more effectively, efficiently, and happily.  Read more about her ideas at and on Twitter @gretchenrubin

What other leaders outside of education do you follow?

Author: Deanna Harris

I have spent my career in education as a middle grades language arts teacher, a middle grades teacher librarian, and a coordinating teacher at the NC Department of Public Instruction. During my twenty-three years, I have focused on teaching and learning, student achievement, and teacher leadership. I have worked with beginning and veteran teachers through mentoring, internships, staff development, and professional learning teams.

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  1. Of course as a high school librarian, I look for School Library Leaders and there are just too many to list.
    However, here are some of my absolute favorites:

    I look to …
    Buffy – for Enchanting New Ideas
    Doug – for Indispensable Efficiency
    Joyce – for Wise Innovation

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