Monday Means Leadership: Your Professional Place on the Internet

Whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google or some other application or platform, we all should find our professional place on the internet: a website to share our resumes and professional activities, our lessons and research projects, our educational philosophies and professional goals.

  • LinkedIn – This network allows you to connect with professionals in your field, colleagues in your company, others with similar expertise and current or former classmates.  You build your online identity and resume for yourself and others to see.
  • Facebook – This social networking site allows you to create a profile for yourself as well as public or private pages.  You can friend folks on your main profile page or you can share your page for others to like and connect with you.
  • Twitter – This social networking tool can be used to promote yourself and your school library media program.  You can connect with others through Twitter chats and follow other library, literacy and instructional technology educators to gain insight.
  • Google – Through multiple applications, you can connect with school librarians and other educators as well as create sites.  Google+ allows you to create a profile and link to your other social networking sites.  You can categorize your circles to make the most of your connections and use Google Hangout to meet with colleagues.

To learn more about these sites and their best professional uses, check out these articles:


Author: Deanna Harris

I have spent my career in education as a middle grades language arts teacher, a middle grades teacher librarian, and a coordinating teacher at the NC Department of Public Instruction. During my twenty-three years, I have focused on teaching and learning, student achievement, and teacher leadership. I have worked with beginning and veteran teachers through mentoring, internships, staff development, and professional learning teams.

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