Nov/Dec 2013 Issue Features One Online Exclusive

The Nov/Dec issue features an online exclusive from Carol Gordon.

Dewey Do or Dewey Don’t: A Sign of the Times  
By Carol Gordon
Replacing the Dewey Decimal Classification indicates a user-driven approach to collection management, re-defining library collection as learning environment. The synthesis of user-driven librarianship and self-directed learning in the context of information and inquiry based learning, technology integration, and literacy support generates a teaching paradigm that ensures equity for learners and a future for school libraries.

Author: Meg Featheringham, KQ Editor

Meg Featheringham is responsible for the development and production of the AASL journal, Knowledge Quest. When not working at AASL, Meg enjoys playing euchre, attending concerts and plays, spending time with family and friends, and reading (of course).

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