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If you are an avid Twitter user or just a casual follower of other Twitter accounts, Twitter chats can be a great way to engage with other professionals. Typically, these chats are scheduled throughout the week – mostly in the evening to allow teachers to participate after hours.  

First, find a Twitter chat that fits your needs. Click here to view a schedule. While it is tempting to always join school librarian chats, branch out to other areas like #edchat or your state’s educational chat. Not only can you learn from other professionals with different viewpoints, you can advocate for the role librarians play in this area too.  

During the scheduled chat, follow the hashtag or add your thoughts. What is the best way to do this? I prefer Participate Learning.

Participate Learning provides not only a list of all chats, but the ability to participate easily in a chat.  

Click on the link to view the calendar of chats. 

Search if you do not see the chat listed.

To begin, click Join Now. Set up an account if requested.  


Add to the discussion using the Message bar. When you type the message, the hashtag automatically appears in the message. Everything you add will also be included to your Twitter stream as if you were tweeting from Twitter.

If you miss a scheduled chat, go to the site at any time to view activity.  

For more information about using Participate Learning, click here.


Author: Becca Munson

Becca Munson, Librarian, is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 23 years of experience in education. She is currently a school librarian at Blue Valley West High School in Overland Park, KS. Becca continues to find ways to positively impact student learning with literacy initiatives, technology integration, and building rapport with students and staff. Follow her on Twitter to view the library in action @bvwlibrary and @beccamunson .

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