Rounding Out School Library Month 2015

Today, April 30, 2015, is the “official” end of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of School Library Month. However, celebrating school libraries and librarians happens every day, all year long. The 2014-2015 School Library Month Committee, Donna Baratta, Phyllis Fisher, Stacy Ford, Charlie Kelly, Jillian Rudes, Gayle Schmuhl, John Schumacher (AKA Mr. Schu) Suzanne Dix, Vice Chair and Jessica Gillis, AASL Board Liaison, did an outstanding job in creating our amazing programs. Jen Habley, our AASL Staff Liaison, helped give us a Web and Social Media presence that allowed us to “spread the word” that strong school library programs are essential to transforming student learning.

Our theme “Your School Library: Where Learning Never Ends,” was promoted so eloquently by our Spokesperson, award winning actress and writer, Julianne Moore. Watch her PSA for School Libraries, as well as learn about the history of School Library Month, our promotional activities and professional development opportunities at

Thanks to the vision of Lucille Thomas, the first Chair of the School Library Month Committee, this 2015 celebration marks the 30th anniversary of School Library Month! The first national observance kicked off with a ceremony on the west steps of the U.S. Capitol on April 1, 1985. The theme was Where Learning Never Ends: The School Library Media Center. Selecting this year’s theme, the School Library Month Committee choose to pay tribute and reflect on the first celebration. The 2015 theme is Your School Library: Where Learning Never Ends. More about the history of School Library Month.

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since the students and staff of Juan Morel Campos Secondary School, Brooklyn, New York, honored Mrs. Thomas at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of School Library Month with a presentation from Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President and an original song written by music teacher, Danny Dalelio. So, as the song says, “Thank you Doctor Thomas.” Your love and support for children’s literacy and lifelong learning continues to influence the lives of thousands of young people-from schools in New York City and across the United States to the remote areas of developing countries. For that we are eternally grateful.


Susan Hess
Chair – 2015 School Library Month Committee

Thank You Dr. Thomas

Words & Music
Danny Dalelio

20th Anniversary Celebration
Honoring Dr. Lucille Cole Thomas

School Library Media Day
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School


Lucille Thomas being presented a Citation in honor of the 20th Anniversary of School Library Month by Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President.

Thank you Doctor Thomas,

For the joy you brought upon us.

For the hard work and love you shared,

That got us here today.

Twenty years went by so fast.

You turn around, it’s in the past.

But thanks to you, they’ll look it up.

On the Internet.

Children learn about their world

Through books and magazines.

The media connects us all.

The library has it all.

So thank you, Doctor Thomas,

Just by being here, you honor us.

Author: Susan Hess

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