Say Cheese During School Library Month

Celebrate all month—or pick a day or a week—whatever your schedule allows. This calendar of activity ideas, author and ambassador quotes, and professional development links will help you along the way.

Suggested Daily Activity
Take photos of teachers with their favorite childhood book(s) and compare with today’s students and their favorite childhood book(s). Make sure to post these photos on your school library bulletin board.

Suggested Activities by Grade

  • Elementary: Ask students the following question:  Which series would Greg Heffley like better—Captain Underpants or Harry Potter?
  • Middle/High: Ask students the following question:  Which Divergent faction would best suit Katniss?

Professional Development Link of the Day
National Library Week and National Bookmobile Day #nlw16 #nbd2016      

Attend the free AASL webinar Personalized Learning with Gooru and discover how AASL Best Website recipient Gooru can support student learning in your school.

Author/Ambassador Quote
School libraries transform learning by setting your imagination free to explore countless lands and times, discovering cross-curricular connections you’d never find on your own. Perhaps most important, literature allows you to live as other people, impressing empathy on an almost chromosomal level, essential to developing good citizens. A library is a repository of wisdom—not just of facts, but how to be human. ~Margaret Dilloway, author of Momotaro


Author: Suzanne Dix, AASL #slm16 Chair

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