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Go Big or Go …

Have you ever started an ambitious project that would either be a smashing success or an embarrassing failure? This week I am embarking on a project that will be a true challenge in logistics, energy, and whole campus cooperation. As the lead adviser for the Capstone Senior Project at my school, there has been a freedom and opportunity to shape the project into something that is truly a deep dive into research. But then we had to go and “kick it up a notch.”

Nothing Works [Well] Without Collaboration

The senior level English faculty have been essential in teaching the research and writing. After topic selection and pre-search, we began to dig a little deeper. We borrowed and then enhanced a note-taking/summarizing strategy from the site Read Write Think. Students found eight scholarly resources from the databases that our library provides. Then they completed GIST sheets for each source. We were then able to collaborate with a local university to have a day of college-level research to enhance the project.

Senior Students at the MTSU Library

Students at the MTSU Library 2018

 Think, Create, Share, Grow

Once students write their paper, they typically present their research in an assembly for the entire school to hear each project. Students are asked to show extensive research and critical thinking, provide appropriate and supportive details, have good transitions and finally, make the presentation memorable. One additional step for our senior capstone project is that we require primary research.

Spinning Plates

Now for the big challenge. This year for a number of reasons we will take the project a step further. One major change is that we will incorporate Q & A into the process. And most importantly to provide this extra time, students will present in concurrent sessions in smaller settings all over campus. Using this process we will finish in less than a month. The students, however, are a bit nervous. And I cannot personally be in every location to reassure each one as they take the stage. The best that I can do is set up the venues and rely on volunteers to work in each of the situations. Campus leadership, collaboration, and the ever-elusive delegation of tasks are important at this point. So, if you do not hear from me in the month of March it is because I am trying to be four places at once.

And here are my 2018 Seniors  – The Webb School students represent 17 countries and 15 states


Webb 2018 Seniors topics


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