So Long Google Tour Builder, Hello Google Earth

Using technology tools to discover the world can enhance station rotation models, whole-class activities, and online learning. Google Tour Builder is a popular tool for exploring other locations online. I recently learned that Google Tour Builder will shut down in July 2021. If, like me, you were disappointed by the news, do not despair. There are other options available.

Google Tour Builder was a tech tool that allowed users to create a narrative using Google Earth features along with adding images, text, and videos. The tours were shareable. Click here to view an example of a tour.

Google Earth now has creation tools that are similar to Google Tour Builder. Google Earth is available from a web browser for easy access.

Additional features for Google Earth include:

  • Works with Google Drive
  • Allows users to order the places you visit
  • Allows user to view locations in Street View
  • Allows users to add text, images, and video
  • Allows users to use title cards to organize a presentation
  • Offers the ability to collaborate with other users.

Two examples of Google Earth Projects are available below:

Additional Tools to Utilize

Looking for additional tools to use in your school library? Check out these tools?

  • Historypin: The site allows users to share photos and stories about a certain city or region.
  • National Geographic Resources: Site offers educational resources from National Geographic
  • StoryMap: The site allows users to create a narrative story using locations

For more information about Google Tour Build, check out Details about Google Tour Builder Shut Down.

Learn how to use Google Earth by checking out Getting Started with Google Earth Projects.

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