Social Media: The New Professional Development

There is one thing that has drastically changed for me over the past ten years of being in education, and that is social media. Growing up social media for me was coding a cool background on Myspace which then evolved into taking pictures of my lunches on Instagram and now has evolved into something completely different, my professional development. 

On Instagram and TikTok, so many fantastic librarians share so much helpful information that has shaped me into the school librarian that I am today. It is a pretty ingenious thing to just scroll through Instagram or Tiktok following great school librarians and learning different ways to reach learners. Not only is having professional development on your phone a convenience but it is also free. As a classroom teacher, I know I spent an ungodly amount of money to go to professional development sessions to hopefully learn something worth that money. Not only was it a toss-up if the professional development was worth my money or not, but at times it wasn’t even worth my time. I would spend 8 hours in a cold room and maybe have one takeaway. With social media, I am immediately able to take away something that I can implement in my school library or plan to do so. I will say, since becoming a school librarian, I have not had a single bad professional development session as I had as a classroom teacher, but the helpfulness of social media is nevertheless still there. 

Not only has social media helped provide great professional development for me, but it has also allowed me to make connections. These connections with librarians all over the world have not only inspired me but are people who have helped encourage me and lift me after a bad day. There is an amazing librarian in New Jersey @thenovicelibrarian who even though I have never met, I know that I can go to her and she will give helpful advice. These connections I cherish these because you never stop needing someone to lift you and support you.

Education is all about sharing and doing what is best for the kids and social media is a great tool for that sharing. I highly encourage everyone to join and find great school librarians to follow. I also encourage everyone to show the great things that you are doing in your school library! You never know if there is another school librarian out there needing inspiration that you will share! If you do decide to join, reach out to me at @librarian_fitz,  I know I would love to follow you and learn what you have to share. 

Below are a few of my favorite librarians to follow and learn from. I do want to preface that so many librarians are doing amazing things out there that might not be posted on social or I might not have seen but every single school librarian is a rockstar and deserves all the recognition and to know that. 


@thenovicelibrarian- Elementary Librarian

@librariankristyn- Academic Librarian/ Book Content

@mrsgandaria- High School Librarian

@librarian_fitz- Librarian/ Book Content

@lieberryian- Elementary Librarian

@that.librarian.girl- Elementary Library Teaching Material

@viewpointlibrary- High School Library

@inourlibrary- Elementary Librarian 

@librarianwithpizzazz- Elementary Librarian

@librarianaaryn-Middle School Librarian/ Book Content 

@librarinmsg- Middle School Librarian/ Book Content 

@wmc_library- High School Librarian

@wmjhlibrary- Middle School Library



@thecontouredlibrarian- Elementary Librarian 

@thenextgenlibrarian- High School Librarian

@alliethelibrarian- High School Librarian/ Book Content

@the_snarky_librarian- Elementary Librarian 

@Akbusybee- High School Librarian 

@libmitchell- High School Librarian/ Book Content

@Andrea.Nelson.Art- Art for Library Programming 

@librariankristyn- Academic Librarian/ Book Content

@librarian_fitz- Librarian/ Book Content

@zbrarian- Book Content


Author: Jessica Fitzpatrick

Jessica Fitzpatrick is a high school librarian in Houston and is in her tenth year of education. She holds a Bachelor of Science in education from the University of Houston and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of North Texas. She is a 2022 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, 2022 TLA MVP, an AASL Inspire Special Event Grant recipient, 2022 YALSA’s MAE Award for Best Literature Program for Teens, the 2022 TLA Branding Award Winner for Reading Program, the 2020 TLA Branding Award Winner for Community Engagement, YALS article contributor, and on the TAYSHAS Reading Committee. She enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her two daughters and husband. You can follow her on Instagram at @librarian_fitz and on Twitter at @librarianfitz .

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article about the benefits of using social media for professional development. I sometimes feel pretty isolated in my role as the Middle School Librarian for an all-boys school. I have found some incredible librarians to follow on Facebook and Twitter. They have given me the courage to try new things.

    Rain Smith, @Simply_Rain_S, gave me the courage to hold a Valentines basket drawing. They had to write a book review to be entered into the drawing. I was extremely skeptical because I thought the boys would think it was silly. I was completely blown away by the response. I was gratified beyond belief.

    Kelsey Bogan, @kelseybogan, provided the inspiration I needed to arrange my fiction section by doing dynamic shelving. I’m ready to start genrifying my library after our move this summer.

    Amanda Jones, @abmack33, has been relentless inspirational in her battle against book banning, along with the myriad cool activities she does with her students.

    I encourage anyone looking for a connection and inspiration to follow these librarians and other listed in your article.

    Ann Liu

  2. I agree that social media is a great way to connect to other librarians. I love following your Instagram account, where I’ve gotten some great ideas! I’ll be sure to check out the others you share here. For me Instagram is also a great way to communicate with authors, many of whom are quick to reply to a tag or a message.
    @bookswithKG (Instagram)

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