Space Resources for Day One of Crayola Creativity Week: Endless Possibilities

Star Gazing

One recent night when the temperature in New York hovered around 15 degrees, my dog needed to go outside. I had been sitting on the couch reading (ironically!) A Year in Jamaica, Diana Lewes’s memoir from 1889. While standing on the frozen grass impatiently waiting for my puppy, I looked up. Stars twinkled against a black sky; the moon shone down like in a storybook; and my annoyance was replaced with awe.  

This month, the AASL is celebrating Crayola Creativity Week. The first day of this dynamic event features NASA astronauts, scientists, and engineers reading the book You Are Going, A Story about Artemis. Children of all ages are naturally curious about the world around them and, just like adults, tend to be mesmerized by space and its endless wonders. The following resources, all with active links, offer additional interactive and innovative space-themed outlets for students.

Resources for Elementary Students

Younger students these days are sometimes deprived of the unstructured play and exploration that is integral to their development. These elementary resources give them an opportunity to participate in games, watch videos, and read tales about the magical world beyond Earth.

Resources for Secondary Students

Teenagers often get distracted from their true interests during the busy years of heavy academic workloads and social activities. This list of astronomy and space resources can reignite their curiosity. Interactive websites with informative stories and facts will help them get lost in the miracle of outer space and the complex tools scientists and educators have developed throughout the years.


From NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day archive



Author: Karin Greenberg

Karin Greenberg is the librarian at Manhasset High School in Manhasset, New York. She is a former English teacher and writes book reviews for School Library Journal. In addition to reading, she enjoys animals, walking, hiking, and spending time with her family. Follow her book account on Instagram @bookswithkg.

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