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I created my November library report with Storify, a free content curation tool, and I just love it! Take a look! November Library Report for Colchester Elementary School

Storify is really quite simple to use. After entering a search term for a keyword, a hashtag, or a username in the search bar, Storify aggregates conversations from various social media sites and allows you to pick and choose the posts you want to add to your story.

If you work with older children, try giving students the opportunity to use Storify as a platform to sift through different opinions about current events, evaluate the information, and add their own thoughts to the story. Curation at its very best!

How to Use Storify to Aggregate Information

After you create your free account, just type in a keyword, a hashtag, or a username. For my library report, I used the Twitter search feature and searched for our library account as well as the accounts of teachers and administrators who tweeted about library events. Our district adopted Twitter as a way to communicate with parents and each other, and Storify makes it super easy to aggregate conversations about our library.

How to Use Storify to Curate Information

Once you have aggregated posts from social media, all you have to do is click on the posts you want to add to your story and slide them onto the storyboard. Once your bits of conversations are moved over, you can start adding your thoughts to the collected information. The inserted text and the posts from social media can easily be moved around as the story forms.

Publishing Storify

This is so cool. When you hit the “Publish” button, you get a message asking if you would like Storify to notify everyone who was mentioned in your curated content! You can even choose to alert some people but not others if you wish. What a time saver, right?

You are Published. Now What?

Once you are published, you will be able to see how many people accessed your story. Readers can also leave comments and share the different posts that are included in the curated content.

Give Storify a try and share your library story with your learning community! They will love it, and you will, too!

Thank you, @stephendale, for introducing me to this great tool during your Content Creation class in London last year.




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