Summer Technology Learning

After I take a couple of weeks to relax during the summer, I begin to think about the upcoming school year.  Summer provides uninterrupted time to explore technology tools.  I recently was involved in an Apple Learning Coach training and discovered that Apple provides free ebooks about Apple tools.  I began looking for other guides from common technology tools as well.  By finding these sites, I am able to take the time to create a project, learn more about advanced features, and utilize ideas provided by the vendor.

Apple Everyone Can Create: eBooks with details about Apple tools including iMovie, Pages, and more. Includes project ideas for different grade levels.

Google for Education Resources: Choose an area of interest and work through a mini-tutorial about that area.

Seesaw Teacher Training Center: Seesaw, a learning platform,  provides live and on-demand training about how to collaborate and create engaging lessons inside Seesaw.

Flipgrid: Training options are available for Flipgrid, a short video tool helping teachers and students communicate effectively.


What other summer trainings can we add to this list? Please post in the comments to share with others.

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