AASL Social Media Superstars: Tech Troubadour Finalists

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Shannon Miller

Shannon is most known for generous sharing of new and emerging technologies through her networking with librarians in social circles. She frequently contributes to the learning of librarians in her circles with authentic examples of technology, particularly as it pertains to use in a school library or collaborative project with teachers and students. Shannon has been a leader in the movement of infusing technology into libraries for as long as anyone can remember. She was named a 2014 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and was a 2016 ISTE Making It Happen Recipient. Shannon is someone that lots of people learn from on a daily basis and is constantly highlighting new tech tools on her blog and on social media. She embodies the idea of  willingness to share with others.  Now in her role as Future Ready Librarians and Project Connect Spokesperson, Shannon is influencing even more librarians, educators and students around the world everyday.

The Library Voice  |  @shannonmmiller  

Heather Moorefield-Lang

Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang, an assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina, is serving a second term as AASL Chair for the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Committee. Through her Twitter profile @actinginthelib, her website Tech Fifteen, and her YouTube channel, she exposes librarians and educators everywhere to new, innovative, and emerging technologies and library programming trends, most notably, technology and makerspaces. Through social media avenues she quickly and regularly disseminates new information, and her reputation and expertise make her a known “go-to” in the field. Heather is described as a social media warrior who is well-respected, knowledgeable, and relied upon for her assessment of the best and most useful tech available. She also chairs her faculty Technology Committee. She has dedicated her entire career to connecting school librarians with technology in meaningful ways, and shares that information generously on social media.

Tech Fifteen  |  Tech Fifteen YouTube Channel  | College of Information & Communications, University of South Carolina  |  @actinginthelib

Krista Welz

Krista Welz, recently named a 2017 Mover & Shaker by Library Journal, is media specialist at North Bergen High School, NJ, where she has revitalized the library with grants, service, and outstanding programming. That’s quite an accomplishment for a school librarian of just 3 years. Krista is a leader in her profession as well, serving the BELS School Library Consortium Executive Board and as Chairperson of the BELS Website Committee, and serving on the Mackin TYSL Advocacy Board. She is a cofounder of Edcamp Urban and is the creator and innovator of New Jersey’s #NJLibChat Twitter chat. She is a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer, providing webinars for AASL on topics including Google Apps for librarians and the power of PLNs, with more on the horizon. Her online networking, interactions, and frequent lively Twitter posts promote libraries and educational technology uses and integration in learning and instruction. Krista is currently a doctoral student in the Educational Technology Leadership Program at New Jersey City University. 

@KristaWelz  |  KristaWelz.com 

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  1. Shannon Miller has always been one of my favorite persons in my professional learning network of educators and librarians. Her resources are spot on and just what school librarians need! She has introduced me to Symbaloo, Buncee, Canva, Capstone books, and so much more! I learn something every time I listen to her present on any number of topics at conferences and over webinars. She is a wealth of knowledge and unselfishly shares with all those she connects with! I am so thankful she is a leader in our librarian community!

  2. Shannon Miller provides a steady stream of relevant and interesting resources via social media. She investigates, then blogs about, new sites and apps, making it easy for even tech-hesitant teachers to discover a multitude of ways to integrate technology into their library or classroom. She is an able and charismatic ambassador for education. And fun, Shannon is just fun to be around!

  3. Krista has taught me so much! Because of her I am a better teacher :)

  4. It has been my honor to know and work with Ms. Krista Welz. To know here is to be in awe of her ability to guide teacher, students, Administrators through a variety of task with easy. Her knowledge is endless and best of all she love to share. There has never been any hesitation when Krista is asked for assistance. Krista is a pioneer with resurrecting and restructuring the importance of the Media Center in schools. #librariansdeweyitright

  5. Krista Welz is more than just an amazing techie media specialist. She’s also one of the sweetest women I know and has quite the infectious laugh! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with her to organize the first EdCampUrban and it has been a joy. She’s a tech leader with a keen talent for organization and perseverance and I couldn’t be happier to be part of her PLN.

  6. Krista Welz is an absolute inspiration to me! I wish my school had someone like her.

  7. Krista Welz is a great teacher and role model. She is enthusiastic, and makes everyone want to push themselves to learn more!

  8. Modeled after her #njlibchat, Krista encouraged me to start a Twitter chat for Pennsylvania. We share each chats and participate when we can. She was supportive and encouraging and helped me out with lots of graphic design questions too! She’s just one of those people that I know I can reach out to and get lots of awesome answers!

  9. Krista Welz is an extraordinary instructor! She makes learning new technology easy and fun. She is incredibly innovative in her teaching and makes each class inventive and useful. I am very thankful that we have her at North Bergen High School.

  10. Krista Welz is a technology education superstar. She has an incomparable style and approach to understanding and teaching and training. On top of that Krista has a true love of keeping stride with the constant change and evolution in educational technology, robotics and social media. She loves to learn, and she loves to share her learning with her colleagues, her administrators and her students. Krista knows few if any boundaries in the potential of transforming media centers into scholastic superhubs. It is a true privilege to know her.

  11. Krista Welz has always gone over and above to help me with all of my computer and app needs. She is constantly encouraging me and is pushing me to present at the next EdcampUrban and should I do so it is with her grooming. Krista is our go to person when we want to expand or broaden our technical skills whether it be Google Classroom, Google Forms or any other mediums available to us.

  12. Shannon Miller is a fabulous resource as a friend, past co-worker and now as a library mentor to all of us. She is a constant source of information, positivity and support – which is exactly what we (teacher librarians AND students) need right now. Her ever-present stream of ideas, tech tools, events and other online resources via social media is something we all seem valuable. I am so glad to know her and have her in our corner!

  13. Krista Welz has been so helpful to me. She is beyond smart. She helped me so much with my google classroom presentation. I also attended A workshop in which she was the presenter. She made the workshop easy, fun and stress free . Whenever I had any concerns she has been quick to respond and eager to help. She continues to send me resourceful links. I am so glad I met her!

  14. Krista Welz is our school’s go-to-Google girl! She has really opened up so many opportunities in the teachers’ classrooms (both Google classrooms and the actual classroom). :-) She continuously offers us PD to teach us new useful tools to make our lives easier as well as enhance our lessons! I am very grateful for her.

  15. Krista Welz is an excellent instructor. She has a lot of patience with the beginner and she has a lot of knowledge that love to share with all her colleagues. She is very helpful. I try to attend to most of her workshops, because she made them very easy and instructional at the same time. We are so lucky to have her in our school system. Thank you very much Krista!

  16. Krista Welz is an awesome teacher! I learned so much from her workshop, but even more, I utilize what she taught me everyday in my classroom. I’ve become a google classroom “queen”. My students love it, and so do I. And I absolutely love Edpuzzle! Another great resource that I got from Melissa. Her knowledge and her desire to share that knowledge is what helps me be a better teacher. I’m so lucky to have her as a colleague!

  17. Krista Welz has done an amazing job in her library and community..She is a mover and Shaker.. She deserves to win ! Go Krista!

  18. Thankyou Krista ! for your knowledge and guidance in incorporating technology into our lesson plans.

  19. After going back to school and getting a degree in school library media in 2011, I began following Shannon Miller on twitter. She has been so inspirational to me during my time of getting settled as a media specialist. The articles about her being a top mover and shaker has helped me see the bigger picture of school libraries and how they too need to evolve within the educational system. Thank you Shannon for being the inspiration to all who need a push to shake things up and reinvent the library space.

  20. Krista Welz is a bright and caring person who is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others. She is also highly creative and innovative. Her work in disseminating information through social media enriches the profession tremendously.

  21. Krista Welt has helped her colleagues more than you know. She is constantly helping me with any tech problems that i have. She is very knowledgeable about new websites and gizmos that teachers can use in their classroom and willing to show us how to use them.

  22. Krista Welz is the true embodiment of the school media specialist. She is invaluable to administrators, teachers, and students. The media center should be the heart of the school and thanks to Krista it is! She is always learning and happy to share her knowledge. If I get stuck with something, I can count on her help. She is a super-hero!!

  23. Krista Welz is an asset to our school community, not only because she is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her field, but she is patient, kind and pleasant. Her training sessions have been very valuable to me in my technological development and look forward to continue learning from her in this area. A big thank you to Krista!

  24. As a new teacher, I have had to train on many new technologies. Krista Wells had me up and running after attending her Technology Workshops. Krista is a wonderful teacher.

  25. Krista Welz is such an amazing asset to North Bergen High School. She exemplifies outstanding service work tin all professional development areas and is a brilliant media specialist and facilitator. She has helped me personally tremendously with Google classroom and to implement this in my daily instruction. She is a hard working, dedicated, and positive influence in our schools. What an outstanding and dedicated professional!!


    Lisa Auriemma

  26. Heather has been a technology role model in her many presentations at library and tech conferences and in her numerous writings, both articles and books about current and future trends in technology. As chair of the AASL’s Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, Heather has been at the forefront of finding and sharing the best new websites and apps. In her You tube channel, Heather shows how award winning sites can best be incorporated into a teacher’s “must use”Toolkit. I have always relied on Heather as my “go to”person for all of my technology questions.

  27. I remember when I first saw Shannon Miller at the SLJ Summit in Washington with John Schu talking about Two Libraries, One Voice. At that time, I really hadn’t done much with connecting our library to other libraries, but their sharing made me start taking my first steps. Since then, I’ve collaborated with Shannon numerous times and connected our libraries together for projects like Tux Paint art and Banding Together bracelets. Shannon is constantly seeking out new tools and thinking about how those tools can support librarians in innovating with their library members. I always learn something new when she shares through her many social media avenues and truly appreciate her generous spirit in helping create future ready libraries that benefit all.

  28. Heather Moorefield-Lang is a true leader when it comes to knowing the best websites and technologies out there to explore with learners in libraries. Our paths have crossed many times as she explores what effective makerspaces look like in schools, and she is always thinking of ways to share her technology and makerspace discoveries with other librarians so that it makes their programs even stronger.

  29. Krista Welz is a superstar! She has a passion for technology and I love the energy she brings to our profession. She is one of the most motivated and talented women I know. Krista is a true professional and tech expert! Our school district is so lucky to have her!

  30. Krista Welz is fabulous!!! I’ve learned so much from her in the last three years on research and technology that assists me and my students as well. She is an excellent teacher! Keep up the good work.

  31. Krista Welz is an extraordinary person. Her professionalism and dedication to education shows through her attitude and work ethics. I assisted to a few of her workshops and her manners and explanations made possible to me to use technology with more confidence. Krista is always very supportive.

  32. Krista Welz has been a true role model in her ability to always look for the answer, and share her knowledge with others. She goes above and beyond her duties as Media Specialist in the North Bergen High School, and has offered her expertise to all teachers and students she comes in contact with on a daily basis. She is an asset to the community, and her dedication and professionalism are greatly appreciated.

  33. Krista Welz is an innovator in the field of technology. She thirsts for knowledge and always is willing to share information. As a trainer she is marvelous going above and beyond to share her knowledge with others in a clear and concise manner. I am very fortunate to have her as my collegue.

  34. Krista Welz is a great person to learn from. Her calm peaceful tone is inviting and not overwhelming. You could always stop her to ask questions and she will make sure she answers your question completely before moving on.

  35. Shannon Miller exemplifies excellence on so many levels as a Teacher Librarian. Shannon has been a shining light of positivity, resourcefulness and sincerity in my PLN. In fact, I believe anyone who follows Shannon can attest to that. I have seen Shannon’s impact first-hand in collaboration with her in Buncee. Her ideas have sparked many creative projects in service and support of digital learning for students and educators. I was honored to see Shannon in action at FETC 2017 where she presented at the Buncee Booth and later at a workshop session. Shannon’s expertise has helped many educators on a global level and her forward-thinking approach sharing resources resonates in such a profound way from her Blog Posts, Padlets and numerous conference appearances. Not only is Shannon prolific in her writing and contributions, but also in her constant encouragement and support for all educators. Shannon Miller is an #EduHero to us all!

  36. Heather Moorefield-Lang is a tireless professional who continually stays abreast of the myriad array of instructional technology and who shares how it can be used in instructional programs to improve teaching and to foster student learning. She is very active in professional social media, willingly supports her faculty colleagues and graduate students in the use of new technologies, and promotes the implementation of Makerspaces in schools and school libraries at the local and national levels. If something needs to be done, Heather will make it happen, quickly and efficiently. She is absolutely amazing!

  37. Shannon Miller promotes all areas of education…. Instruction, Libraries and Technology. She inspired so many educators, here in North Texas, with her heartfelt stories of student voice and choice at our LiteUp Conference in Dallas recently. I love her energy, positive messages and dedication to lifelong learning. She inspires me to be a better educator!

  38. Krista Welz is an integral part of our faculty in the North Bergen School District, making technology much less intimidating for beginners. She is both knowledgeable and supportive while anticipating the needs of students and teachers. Krista has the capacity to go far in her field as she is always seeking to learn new things and pass that knowledge along in the district. While Krista is at the forefront of technology, she is also a staunch supporter of books! Krista Welz has not only improved the quality of books at North Bergen High School, she inspires students to read!

  39. Krista Welz is an incredible teacher and trainer. She is always up to date with new technologies and constantly offering her expertise and support. Krista is an asset to the North Bergen School District!

  40. Krista Welz is the “hostess with the mostest” of our NBHS Media Center. When you arrive, you are always graciously welcomed and provided with a banquet of bountiful, useful information that has been carefully prepared. She is professional, accessible and a very nice addition to our North Bergen family.

  41. Shannon Miller must not sleep. Everywhere I look I see her name popping up, sharing technology trends with teachers, friends, and colleagues on social media, via her blog, and at conferences around the world. She is incredibly passionate about technology in the classroom and her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend her for this award.

  42. Heather has been a strong advocate for technology in school media centers and libraries for the entire time I have known her–almost 10 years, and even before that. She has contributed countless hours of work to the AASL Best Websites committee–both as a member, and as chair, in her quest to connect school librarians and teachers with technologies that will assist them in teaching their students. Almost every day, she shares new tools to help librarians through her Twitter account or Tech 15 channel. Besides all of that, she’s an amazing, kind and generous human being!

  43. Krista is an incredible teacher and trainer. She has the patience to teach a beginner and the knowledge to teach even the most advanced technology. She is a huge asset to North Bergen School District!

  44. You can file Krista under “P” for perfect! There is no one more qualified to teach technology with such patience and enthusiasm! She is always willing to assist students and faculty members. Krista is a pleasure to work with and an excellent teacher. I highly recommend Krista Weltz for the award.

  45. Krista Welz is AWESOME!! She is so patient and thorough with her explanations. She is warming and extremely welcoming with open arms for anyone who needs help. I am so proud of her and proud to be her colleague. I am ecstatic she is up for this award because honestly, there is no one else who I can think of to be most deserving of this award. GO KRISTA!!!!!!!

  46. These are three outstanding nominees who are each a credit to their profession.

    Shannon Miller is the queen of EdTech in the school library. She has a curious and inquisitive mind. She is always eager to learn about every new tool that may positively impact her students’ learning, and avidly, effectively, and graciously shares her experiences with librarians and the broader education community. I had the honor of Skyping with her students several times, long before this was commonplace, and could always tell that I had been invited into a very special place.

  47. Krista is the sweetest most reliable person I’ve ever meet.
    She will always start and end her sentence with a smile.
    There are no limits to where Krista could go- the sky is the limit !!

    Best Regards Always,


  48. Krista Welz is a change agent. She has taken her love for her profession as a librarian in North Bergen and effected many groups starting with her students, her fellow teachers thru Urban Ed Tech Boot Camp and her fellow classmates in the Ed.d program at NJCU. Like Leah said she is an inspiration and enfuses enthusiasm into the educational technology profession!

  49. Krista Welz is a change agent. She has taken her love for her profession as a librarian in North Bergen and effected many groups starting with her students, her fellow teachers thru Urban Ed Tech Boot Camp and her fellow classmates in the Ed.d program at NJCU.She enfuses enthusiasm into the educational technology profession!

  50. Krista Welz is an educational leader. She continues to introduce instructional technologies that are a great advantage to both teachers and students. She is an excellent teacher who is dedicated and professional. She truly is a social media superstar who would be deserving of such an award.

  51. Heather is a superstar who is clearly devoted to connecting to school librarians and connecting school librarians to the broader world. Her YouTube channel is a must see! She is a tireless advocate and takes things well beyond the classroom.

  52. Krista, Welz is a superstar in my eyes. This exemplifies that once again. Keep up the great work. You made learning Google for us so easy. I remember you taking the time out to ensure that we each learned Google technology at our own pace. That for me is what it’s all about “Going the extra inch”. I wish you the best and you’re so deserving of this award.

  53. Krista Welz is a famous tech instructor who has helped me significantly transform my instruction into a google driven classroom. She is a breath of fresh air amongst our district and is always willing to go above and beyond to help her fellow teachers and students!

  54. Krista Welz has been a great contributor to the Bergen Electronic Library for Schools (BELS) . As a consortium of over 30 schools in Bergen County, NJ, that shares resources and a common catalog, she has been a leader in formulating the organization’s website, and contributing technology tips at our meetings.Truly a tech leader!

  55. Krista Welz is just great. I really enjoy taking her classes. She makes everything easy to understand. I look forward to her helping us understand technology as it becomes available to us. Keep up the great work Krista!

  56. Krista Welz is a superstar in my eyes. This exemplifies that once again. Keep up the great work. You made learning Google for us so easy. I remember you taking the time out to ensure that we each learned Google technology at our own pace. That for me is what it’s all about “Going the extra inch”. I wish you the best and you’re so deserving of this award.

  57. Krista is very thorough yet easy to understand. She is such a great asset to NBHS! —Alecia

  58. Krista Welz is an amazing tech media specialist. Many times as an educator you don’t look forward to workshops or pd’s, but i always look forward to hers. She is smart and funny. Krista always makes sure everyone leaves her workshops understanding every point that she covered. Not only do I leave her workshops with a greater understanding but she follows up with emails. She is a true leader! Always encouraging and praising.

  59. As a older teacher and not a digital native, I appreciate Krista Welz. Whenever she shows me something new she is patient with me. She presents things in such a way that by the end of our session I’ve accomplished more than I thought I was capable of accomplishing. She also has us do an assignment with her so she can give us immediate and personal feedback. Krista also gives us “homework”. This ensures that we practice what we have learned. I’m blessed to have Krista Welz as a colleague.

  60. Krista Welz is the best tech instructor in the business. I have worked at IBM, Prudential and the Federal Reserve on Wall Street as a Senior Programming Analyst and throughout my career in the field and all the seminars and professional classes I have taken, she stands above the rest as an expert in the field, in management of her class, depth of knowledge and in her professional demeanor. Her love for what she teaches is infectious and motivates me to pursue further development and project the same enthusiasm to my students. Thank you Krista and Bravo!! I’m a fan.

  61. Krista Welz is an extraordinary instructor! She is so patient and has such a vast knowledge. When I have a question about Google I simply go to Krista for help and she always willing to help. Finally, Krista is a great asset to the district, she is truly a mover and shaker when it comes to technology and finding resources for teachers to use which will enhance the educational experience for the students.

  62. I find Krista to be knowledeable and easy to comprehend

  63. Krista Welz makes the most complicated material easy to understand! No matter how scary the course work I never fear, when Krista is the instructor at the helm. She is a true wonder!!!!

  64. Krista Welz is an amazing educator, leader, thinker, and DOER. She brings a rigor and intelligence to her work that is unparalleled.

  65. Krista is incredibly dedicated, detail-oriented, and has an insightful, deep breadth of knowledge regarding her field and is always willing to lend a hand.

  66. One the coolest things to note about Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang is whatever new idea or technology she is into, it is exponential because she influences so many students at the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. She teaches undergraduates and graduates, always eagerly infusing us with the widest range of new tools, new movements, or older, tried and true tools that have lasted. She is exceedingly generous with her time and resources, sparking in so many others the love of emerging technologies as tools to enrich learning for our students, patrons or ourselves. She is brilliant and a lovely person, impacting her students, who are in turn impacting their worlds.

  67. I’ve been trained by Krista Welz on many occasions and she was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Krista Welz would be an excellent choice for your organization.

  68. I first met Shannon Miller at the NJASL conference a few years ago. She was the keynote speaker at the event. I was so impressed with Shannon’s vast knowledge in educational technology. She is consistently seeking those tools that will make learning an environment where students can collaborate with one another, enjoy the exploration of learning and be creative! I love that she has empowered students and educators to take the reign on technology and by doing so we all learn so much from them! This, I know, drives Shannon and am excited to know that she has been nominated.

  69. Krista Welz is the most knowledgeable and helpful instructor I have worked with in my twenty-three years as an educator. She has launched our archaic education system into the twenty-first century and opened up a world of technology that is relevant and beneficial to the faculty and students. Krista devotes so much time to research and prepare instructional presentations on technological advances in education. Her expert direction and guidance has helped me to be more efficient in keeping recording assignments, grades, and communications with my students. She keeps us apprised of all applications that aid us in teaching all aspects of the curriculum as well as differentiated instruction. Krista is always very accommodating any time I need assistance in technological and educational resources. Her patience and kind disposition make interacting with her inviting and encouraging. I appreciate all that she does to make my work in education more productive and enjoyable. Thank you Krista Welz !!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!!!

  70. There are no words that can illustrate how strongly I support recognizing Shannon Miller for any educational award. I have known Shannon for just about four years now and remain in awe of her ability to “see” the needs of teacher librarians and educators in general. She has a very keen sense of what is needed in the library and classroom. She will then write about it in a very, very clear manner and post it and receive an extraordinarily positive response from her enormous following – aka well deserved fan base.

    Her recommendations are for educators but at their core are really for the students. Everything she does, tweets, writes about is, at the end of the day, for the students. I know that everyone nominated is extraordinarily talented but I continue to watch, first hand, the very positive influence Shannon has in education.

  71. Krista is an amazing New Jersey librarian. She has done so much to help me through social media as a librarian new to her state of New Jersey. In addition to her career as a librarian, Krista runs the urban edcamp, runs Teacher-Librarian NJ Chat going on Twitter, and is always posting new and creative ideas to help librarians around the country and world. She is an inspiration to all.

  72. Krista Welz is a fabulous innovative woman. Her successes with new technologies are amazing! Every time I speak to Krista I am blown away with how she is educating another person about some new and exciting technology. Krista always finds time to help everyone and is always so enthusiastic when sharing her technological knowledge.

  73. Krista is deeply dedicated to education technology and teacher professional development. Her efforts to organize and promote events that bring together professionals in education and technology fields has led to some truly impactful changes that benefit children throughout our regional communities and beyond.

  74. Shannon Miller, Heather Moorefield-Lang and Krista Welz! Are you kidding? This is a great line-up of fabulous “Tech Troubadour” finalists! Trying to choose just one is very hard for anyone, I am sure. Yet, in a very short time, just three years, Krista Welz has heated up the library world from Bergen, New Jersey. Krista takes time to work through new ideas, practice new technology, and share all of her new information with library lovers, students, and staff. I am a retired school librarian but by following Krista Welz on Twitter and her website, I have continued to learn and explore new tech tools. I love sharing her information by retweeting her messages. Krista amazes me with her energy and her willingness to share, share and share. She is a leader with understanding of people. She is enthusiastic. She continues to learn to make herself more knowledgeable in her field and loves teaching others. Krista is truly a “Tech Troubadour”.

  75. Krista is an inspiration. She is not only knowledgeable but witty shining star!

  76. Krista has been a great asset to the students and teachers at North Bergen High School. She has made our media center a welcoming place for all who enter. She is patient and respectful of all her students. As an instructor she takes her colleagues through even the most complex applications with ease and expertise. When she learned our district was going “Google”, she took it upon herself to become Google certified so she could help all of us as we learned our way through this new format. She has even made instructional videos to help us with professional development.

  77. Krista Welz is one of Hudson County, NJ premier and most talented media specialist! She is an all around tech guru and brings innovation where ever she goes! She is an active Twitter educator that is constantly assisting her PLN through many different modes. It has been an honor and humbling experience to have been fortunate to work alongside her on some projects and initiatives and have seen her strength in helping people with technology and digital media. She is an amazing media specialist, educator, and contributor to her community. She is my MVP vote!

  78. Congrats Krista! Glad to see you recognized for the leadership role you play in our great northeast! Keep shining your technology beacon!

  79. One of the best workshops I have ever attended was one that Krista lead on creating a library website using Google Sites. Krista stands out in a sea of social media ‘stars’ in the quality, timeliness and applicability of the content she shares. She takes great care to highlight not only the latest and great of tech tools, but those that are most helpful and relevant to her audience: teachers and learners. I incorporate many of her tips in my daily work, and consider as a curator of ed tech as much as an innovator. She represents the very best in librarianship!

  80. Krista Welz is an authentic leader in the world of librarianship. She exudes positivity, promotes unparalleled programming, and disseminates essential information to all professionals in her realm. The twitter chat she launched, #NJlibchat, serves as exceptional platform for librarians from all over the world to exchange ideas and learn from one another. She asks provocative questions and cultivates exceptionally beneficial dialogue. She welcomes all educators into her PLN and dedicates herself to learning and growing with others. I feel privileged to have connected with her, and am grateful for the time, energy, wisdom and sincerity she shares with all of us.

  81. Krista Welz is very knowledgeable about educational technology. I have taken a few workshops with Krista and she is great at teaching ways to incorporate technology into instruction. She is great at motivating and seems to truly enjoy sharing information.

  82. Krista Welz has been such an inspiration to me. I have grown as a media specialist by following her on Twitter. She has always been willing to help and share ideas with everyone! I am grateful that she is part of my Twitter PLC!

  83. Krista is an educational leader who is willing to impart wisdom and knowledge to those who seek it. Her dedication and enthusiasm is infectious.

  84. Krista is an unbelievable instructor. I was sent to one of her presentation’s at the beginning of this school year. I was petrified because I am sooo NOT technical. I left the presentation actually feeling empowered and ready to tackle the Google Classroom.

  85. Krista Welz should win an award for her patience alone! I’m technologically impaired and I’ve never met an instructor to demonstrate and guide with ease.

  86. Krista has accomplished a lot in the time she has been in charge of the NBHS media center. Her help with learning about different programs on the web such as google classroom and edpuzzle, to name a few, have been extremely useful to teachers and administrators. She has helped us relieve some stress that we have been feeling about using technology in the classroom. She is always available and even answers questions after school hours. Krista is an invaluable asset to all of us. She is worthy of the tech troubadour award.

  87. I am also a technology teacher; but Krista Welz has taught me so much in one day than some of my
    other workshops put together. She is an amazing teacher, librarian, media specialist; and most of all, an amazing person. Krista is patient, and she explains herself in an eloquent fashion that is very easy to understand and apply. I have used many of the techniques that she taught me in Google Classroom which has allowed me enhance my Google experience with my students. Our district is very lucky to have someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Krista Welz on their staff. Krista deserves this award hands down. She is truly an inspiration to all :)

  88. Krista is a great media specialist and social media superstar. She is a great teacher. Always there when I need her. She explains it so well and she never shows that we are a bother to her. I go often to her for help and I feel hopeless with my technological skills, but she is always so patient and eager to go over things with me. On top of it she is extremely knowledgeable. It is great to rely on her whenever I need some extra help. She is THE BEST!!!

  89. KRISTA IS THE BEST LIBRARIAN IN NORTH BERGEN!!! Others should follow her magnificent example!!!!

  90. Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang is a colleague who enthusiastically helps students, faculty, and staff in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina keep abreast of the applications of new technology. She is a mover, shaker, change-agent, and leader in the integration of technology to teaching and learning. She herself is a devoted life-long learner. I personally have learned a lot from her and am very sure that she will continue to take a leading role in our community.

  91. She has taught me to love teaching!

  92. Krista is a quintessential educator. She is very knowledgeable and helpful to all who approach her. Krista is a team player who is always looking to better herself, students and her profession. Personally as well as professionally, I am confident in her abilities. I am glad that she became an educator in our district. I got to attend Edcamp and it was a great learning experience, for myself as a teacher. Kudos to Krista and her colleagues in creating another viable and fun professional workshop for educators. I know that she will go on to exceed expectations through her Edcamp, online, and PhD programs. Krista Welz has a bright smile and future ahead. Worthy of every accolade and much appreciation in my humble opinion.

  93. Krista Welz has a dynamic personality very energetic and friendly. Her passion for sharing and caring about ED Tech overflows with each new Tweet!

  94. Shannon Miller is a fabulous library leader and champion of students. I have learned a great deal from her over the years!

  95. Heather Moorefield-Lang is a true library tech champion. She willing shares her knowledge and ideas with fellow colleagues. Thank you!

  96. Krista Welz is an asset to our school. Her knowledge of Google Classroom and so many other programs has helped enhance the learning process for our students. Thank you Krista!

  97. Having little prior knowledge of Google, I recently attended a Google workshop presented by Krista Welz. She capably led us through each step with confidence and a smile. It was obvious that she loves what she does. I am sure we all left the workshop armed with a new understanding of the program. And if we felt the need, we knew we could reach out anytime with questions or follow-up. Her commitment to educating the community and responsible approach in turnkeying information to her colleagues make her a tech troubadour in my eyes!

  98. Krista and I were the co-media specialists at North Bergen High School for three years 2013-2016. She is very knowledgeable and forward looking technology specialist. She is patient when she teaches and helps both students and teachers feel confident with using the skills she imparts. She is continually striving to better herself professionally which also helps all those she works with on a daily basis.

  99. She motivates me everyday to do better. She is always smiling in the hallways and the students lover her.

  100. Krista Welz has the coolest animated gifs when she tweets. Rather than clicking on long blog posts, she makes animated gifs so we can watch them over and over again. So cool!

  101. Krista Welz is the kindest and most genuine teacher at North Bergen High School. In support of the media center I’ve never met a more warm and thoughtful mentor. Everyone looks forward to her training sessions students and colleagues alike. With Krista it’s always a guaranteed fun learning experience. I’ll always wish her the best, she deserves it.

  102. Krista is exceptional and extremely talented.
    She has made the NBHS media center the goto a place for teachers to get help( specially around d parcc time :))
    She is a pleasure to work with.

  103. Krista Welz is running a session on Twitter 101 at Edcamp Urban tomorrow! Can’t wait to see her present and learn from her!!!!

  104. As a student of North Bergen High School I can say that Ms. Welz is a phenomenal mentor as well as an informative instructor. I have witnessed first hand how understanding and how great she is when conducting Google Classroom Training. She is certainly qualified to receive this amazing honor and will continue to make many accomplishments in her career. Her tweets are also very thought provoking as well as educational. She will certainly add many more contributions to her field of profession.

  105. No one will ever know how much difference a teacher can make until there is one that makes a difference with you. Throughout all my 4 years in High School I have always counted on Krista Welz to be there for me. She has helped me both educationally and personally. When I need help on anything from needing her to revise or finding a great book she is always there to guide me at anytime. Her positive attitude and dedication to her job makes her an asset to our high school. Krista Welz has undoubtly become one of my favorite teachers at North Bergen High School. There is no one more deserving of this award than her. You are the best Ms.Welz!

  106. Throughout my 4 years of attending North Bergen High School I was lucky enough to have interacted with such an intelligent, sweet amazing person inside and out! Her positivity radiates and shines through at everyone she meets. She always has a smile on her face and goes above and beyond for both the staff and the students! Not to mention that she is on her way to getting her Doctorate degree and that is such an honor to our school! On behalf of the faculty and the students, It makes me so happy to say that Ms. Welz is so important to all of us at NBHS and school just wouldn’t be the same without her. We are so proud and lucky to have her! Her endless efforts don’t go unnoticed. #yourockmswelz

  107. Krista is onw of the most innovative educators in the nation. She is an exemplar of what a media specialist should deiver to a district.

  108. Krista Welz is the best at what she does. Anyone; be it student or teacher; that enter the Media Center at NBHS has their problems solved by Krista.
    She has helped me on numerous occasions and I am in her debt.

  109. What has impressed and inspired me the most about Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang’s work is that she uses multiple channels to share her technology knowledge and learning with others. With multiple platforms, she is able to reach a wide audience and provide links to multimedia resources that demonstrate some of the tools she reviews. In addition through her university teaching, her influence on preservice school librarians is making a difference for the future of our profession. Brava, Heather!

  110. These are deserving candidates, but Shannon Miller amazes me!

  111. Krista Welz delivered an outstanding Edcamp Urban event today in West New York with her team. She taught hundreds of educators how to tweet and their hashtag #edcampurban was trending for most of the day on Twitter. It was a privelege to meet her today. I live in NY and drove all the way to WNY to see her!

  112. Krista Welz ran EdCamp yesterday. Now my daughter wants to become a librarian. She was so inspired yesterday. Thanks Krista!

  113. Both Shannon and Krista are absolutely amazing examples of the best of our profession. Both of these extraordinary women have supported me, have shared their expertise and have worked to better the experiences of all whom they encounter! I’m thankful to call both of these women my friends!

  114. Krista Welz inspired me to create my own twitter chat of librarians in Pennsylvania. She’s so helpful and creative and just a really nice woman. I’m glad to have her in my Librarian PLN.

  115. Krista Welz is a great tech leader in our community. She takes what she learns and shares it with the learning community as a true leader should. We are very fortunate to have her!

  116. Heather Moorefield-Lang is a true social media superstar! She uses social media effectively on a daily basis to advocate for school library issues, and to promote school library events and resources. She also uses it to share the terrific technology resources that she has created, such as Tech 15, videos which provide free and valuable information about the latest technology for current and future librarians, classroom teachers, and more. Her social media prowess has done much to advance the school library profession nationally and internationally, since Heather’s presentations and resources are shared by educators around the world.

  117. Krista Welz is a fantastic collaborator. I met her on Twitter and joined her PLN. She helped me realize that media specialists are the hub of the school. She gave me the confidence to know that I am capable of taking a leadership role. Her tweets promote libraries and technology, especially Google Apps for Edu.

  118. Krista, thank you so much for inviting me to co-lead a twitter chat with you. I had never moderated one before, but you showed me the ropes. I learned so much, and have co-led others. Thanks, Krista!

  119. Heather Moorefield-Lang has been at the forefront of technology innovation in school libraries for years. She is exceedingly generous with everyone.

  120. Heather Moorefield-Lang has been exploring, evaluating, and touting the virtues of cutting edge technology for years. She innovatively uses the same technologies she’s reviewed to pass on the latest and greatest to as many different audiences as she can.

  121. I love the way Krista Welz posts about global libraries. She posts photos of other countries’ libraries, whether it be Ethipoia, Thailand, or any place else where the general public know nothing about. She really makes the world see, in her tweets, how other coutries are utilizing libraries. I love the photos she posts. I like following her tweets. Always bring a smile to her face. I also like the Google Apps for Education tweets she posts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the animated books display Google Slideshow that she created! She is so generous to give US ALL on Twitter the FREE template so we can use it in our own school library!!!!

  122. I can’t think of a better place to keep up to date with new tech tools for teaching than Heather’s YouTube channel. She is one of the luminaries in this area, but more than that, she is tireless in her pursuit of improving student experiences through technology in and out of the classroom. Just ask the many teachers and students she has helped over the years!

  123. I just finished with the #NJLibchat that Krista Welz moderates twice a month. Her discussion tonight was about marketing your school library. Her and Jane Lofton paired up and moderated the chat! I got so many ideas! Krista Welz is a true inspiration. She’s got such a great personality and shared all the best tweets of the chat.

  124. Shannon Miller’s blogging, use of Twitter, and conference presentations have reached thousands. She is practical and encouraging to librarians to help them see ways to incorporate technology into their libraries.

  125. Krista Welz has an extensive and applied understanding of information and educational technologies that help assist in the pedagogy that leads to developing learning outcomes for both students and teachers. She is an outstanding school librarian that is up-to-date on the latest research and educational technology trends. She really demonstrates confidence and proficiency when discussing and providing technological professional development to colleagues. Her use of Twitter is GREAT! She started with 5 followers her first year in a school library and is almost up to 6,000.

  126. We were blessed here at Van Meter to have had Shannon Miller as our librarian! She brought author visits via Skype to our K-12 students on a regular basis. She was a “magnet” for applying for and receiving grants for our school. She brought 21st Century learning opportunities to our students. Shannon was instrumental in bringing the 1 to 1 initiative to Van Meter. She helped all administrators, teachers, and students use this 1 to 1 opportunity with meaningful learning websites. When Shannon moved on from Van Meter, students and staff were devastated! We would miss her collaborative sessions and global connections. That did not happen! I am so happy that we never lost our connection! Shannon is known by my second grade students as our “Skype Librarian,” who brings us author and illustrator visits. We have also collaborated on many events such as, DOT Day, Poem in Your Pocket Day, National Gum Day, Workd Read Aloud Day, and many more! I also collaborate with Shannon about Cantata Learning (My students actually wrote a book with Shannon & Cantata!), Capstone, Buncee, and Padlet. Shannon Miller is a blessing to every school that she collaborates with! I apologize for this long response, but Shannon has gone above and beyond for my school and classes and I believe that anyone who knows her would agree with me.

  127. I have learned so much from Heather Moorefield-Lang’s tweets, tech videos and in-person presentations. Heather shares great tools through her work with the AASL Best Websites for Teaching & Learning committee and is becoming the go-to person on makerspace research. South Carolina @slisSS is lucky to have Heather!

  128. Shannon was my high school librarian and PLN teacher as well as my National Honor Society representative. Besides her official titles, she played a huge role in my high school career and has continued to play a role in my life. In high school, she taught us everything when it came to computers, being online, and how to connect with others. If there was a job title for being a “connector” she would qualify. Being able to connect with the right resources we would have never have gotten if she wasn’t connecting with companies, other professionals, and other schools from across the country. She also helped us learn how to make connections and learn with other schools in collaborative projects. Expanding our classroom walls across the country and some across the world were perks that not every school was fortunate enough to have but Shannon will make it happen and has been a leader in this field for a long time. I’m grateful to still call her my friend and role model.

  129. Shannon Miller and I have been colleagues and Friends since 2008. At that time I was researching the feasibility of launching a 1:1 program in the high school I was principal. Through a Twitter chat I connected with Shannon and her colleagues at Van Meter! Shortly thereafter I was fortunate enough to visit the school and see the work that was taking place due to a large part of Shannon’s influence and leadership as a school librarian. As the relationship continued to grow Shannon and I began to discuss the important of connecting our students and teaching them about Web 2.0 tools and developing their own PLN. She had just completed the first year of teaching this class to her students in Iowa. However, something was missing, a consistent and relevant connection with other students. In 2010-2011 academic year we co-taught the Web 2.0/PLN class connecting students from Van Meter, IA, and Drexel Hill, PA, together. During the class the student collaborated on various topics and projects in and outside of class. They learned the importance of being “connected” person while learning important lessons on digital citizenship and responsibility.

    Since our co-teaching days, Shannon has continue to engage with educators and student in the importance of being connected in our world today. Her work has brought so many people together throughout the profession of education. And, she has focused the light back-on the important role that Librarians continue to play in our schools today!

    I am certainly bias here, and recommend Shannon highly for this recognition. However, I would also like to wish well deserved congratulations to all for your work and being a finalist!

  130. Shannon McClintock Miller has and continues to change the conversation about the role, deliverables and power of an effective school library programs and Teacher Librarians. As her husband (do I still get a vote? :-) ) i know first hand the hours she works to connect with peers and to engage advocates for libraries from administration, teachers, technologists and communities. Her voice and platform puts her in a unique position to cross over and bring others into the conversation and she is tireless in representing every library in every school in her work. XOXOXO. Thanks to all the nominees for all you do!

  131. Krista Welz has quickly risen in the field of librarianship. She started out shelving books in her town’s public library onto becoming their Children’s Librarian. Then, she migrated over a few blocks to become her town’s ONLY school librarian. She truly is a leader because she not only inspires the staff that she closely works with at her school, but also with her professional learning network (PLN). As a Library Mover & Shaker 2017 Educator, she has quickly made a motto for herself as the school librarian #NeverNotWorking. Her tweets really have heart. Many librarians are tweeting by pushing the company’s products that they work for. Not Krista. She promotes HOW teachers can effectly use certain tools in their classrooms. She also likes to tweet about librarians who work in other countries, such as those who bring books to children on camels, donkeys, elephants. She is just an inspiration. I am honored to have Krista in my Twitter PLN.

  132. Shannon was my High School Teacher Librarian, role model, and go to resource. In high school she was always teaching me about technology, resources to use as a student, and resources to take with me as a future teacher. She was always putting together projects through technology in the elementary, and I was able to work with her on a variety of projects. Shannon has been a great resource for me as well as I work towards my BA in Elementary Education. She is always sharing the newest resources with me to use in my field experiences as well as to share with my classmates. I am able to keep in touch through Twitter, because everything is gold. Whenever I am stuck on a project or lesson plan, I am able to check out her page for ideas. Last year she was able to come to UNI to speak with a variety of Educational Technology Classes and I had to opportunity to catch up with her and hear about the newest resources! As I finish up my classwork and move into teaching, Shannon will always be my #1 resource for everything technology. I am so lucky to have her in my inner circle!

  133. I’m a 5th grader at Van Meter Elem. School. Mrs.Miller was my library teacher in Kindergarten-2nd Grade and the thing I remember most is all the technology she brought to the classroom. A few examples are a 3-D printer, coding lessons, and Skype sessions with Kate DiCamillo and a school from Guatemala. She was an awesome teacher and I am super exited she has been nominated!

  134. First, I commend the three finalists as it’s evident all three are wonderfully talented educators.

    With that said, in my role, I have the opportunity to work with thousands of school and district leaders and hundreds of school districts each year. Every so often, I’ll cross paths with someone that stands head and shoulders above those around them. Shannon Miller is one of those people.

    Shannon is everyone’s teacher librarian. By getting so many connected through technology at professional events and on social networks, she brings us all together with the best resources, conversations and celebrations throughout the year. As a leader in the edtech field, I know that I can count on Shannon to lift up the newest in technology in creative and collaborative ways… and love seeing how she uses all of these tools and ideas with students and teacher librarians around the world.

    Due to Shannon’s incredible skillset and international reach, we asked her to be our spokesperson for our national Future Ready Schools Initiative, which includes thousands of school districts and over 60 organizations. As the Future Ready Librarian spokesperson, Shannon has launched her skills to develop a national platform for librarians and in turn is driving systemic change for educators everywhere. In a recent FRS webinar lead by Shannon, over 1,500 librarians registered. Similarly, in a FRS Librarian Facebook group, launched by a few people including Shannon, over 5,000 educators have joined in only a few months, to talk about everything from literacy, to diversity, to makerspaces and leading change – on a daily basis.

    Shannon Miller is a dynamic, kid-centered educator, whose passion radiates and collaborative mindset benefits all of those with whom she interacts. She is a difference maker for educators from coast to coast and is undoubtedly deserving of this award.

    Thomas C. Murray
    Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools
    Washington, DC
    @thomascmurray | thomascmurray.com

  135. Mrs. Shannon Miller has always been an absolute inspiration as a teacher, a librarian and a friend.
    She truly dedicates herself to her work and to who she is teaching. She takes the times to understand what your goals are and helps you achieve them quicker than you thought possible and in a way that YOU understand everyone’s learning is different and she takes that into account. She does this in a way that doesn’t feel like learning but feels like something fun and easily achievable regardless of the task.
    I am so lucky to know her and have her as a mentor and a friend!

  136. First off, congratulations to all of the nominees. Shannon Mcclintock Miller was my librarian in junior high and high school. She turned our library at Van Meter into the heart of the school and became the person we all counted on for so many things. I learned a lot of social media, technology and communication skills from our global PLN class. We even had half of our classmates in Philadelphia which was one of the first classes like this in the world. In fact, Shannon connected us to all kinds of people like Libba Bray and even the creator of HALO! This has helped me through my online life in college, my new marketing business, and military life in general. Networking skills are so important to understand and know today. Shannon helped me to accomplish these skills. My family and I are currently living overseas and having the knowledge to network myself has brought my marketing business to the next level. And the cool thing… she is always willing to help, listen and recommend things to me today, just like she’s still my librarian. Oh yeah, I forget to mention Shannon is also my mom so of course I’m her #1 fan!!

  137. When does Shannon Miller sleep?! She is a tireless advocate for Future Ready Librarians. You can count on her to be blogging, Tweeting, posting & presenting about all of the latest tools & topics related to librarianship. She inspires me to try to be the second-best Shannon in libraries! ;)

  138. I connected with Shannon Miller on Twitter prior to becoming a school librarian, and I have no doubt that her writings and teaching were imprinted on my newbie librarian brain from the very beginning! I am so impressed with all the ways she figures out how to use technology in the library! What I especially love is that one can take her ideas and adapt them in a smaller scale for one’s comfort level. Shannon is a leader who connects with librarians and genuinely cares about helping them with their work!

  139. I first connected with Heather Moorefield-Lang via Twitter, then attended her AASL Best Websites presentation at an ALA Annual Conference years ago. There she took the time to introduce herself to me and chat, and that brief conversation taught me very much. Her insights into the best apps for the library are very helpful to librarians, and it is always one of the best sessions at Annual. I especially appreciate the work Dr. Mootefiled-Lang has done in the past couple of years in regards to Mobile Makerspaces!

  140. Shannon Miller is an amazing resource for librarians all over the country. She is passionate about learning and teaching and libraries. Her work with Follett and Future Ready Libraries, as an ambassador for more learning platforms than I can count, her work with the AASL committee for best websites for teaching & learning, and her ubiquitous presence in all things social media-related make her an excellent candidate for this honor. She is “the” presence at the forefront of school librarians, a technology leader who inspires and educates.