The Polling Place

As the upcoming election approaches, our lives will be filled with news of polls and surveys about potential presidential candidates. We can bring the polls into our own lives by becoming instructional facilitators who use surveys and polls to help guide our instruction. There are now many instructional technology tools that can put the people to the polls.

The first resource you can use in your library classroom is  Plickers is an app that allows for anonymous student poll or survey responses. Use it as a real-time formative assessment tool that students will enjoy so much that they’ll think it’s a game.

The next resource is Kahoot! which can be found at Create an interactive game-like experience where your questions have multiple choice answers.  The game-like platform will excite students, especially those with a love of computer or video games.

The last polling or surveying resource is Survey monkey allows you to make free polls where responses can remain anonymous.  This is an excellent site to gather quick feedback about student opinions about a lesson or a project.

Ultimately, whatever polling resource you choose, you can gather great information from your students and community through the use of fun technology-based polls and surveys.


Author: Megan Shulman

Megan is both the middle and high school librarian at Humboldt Junior Senior High School which serves grades 7-12. She has her Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Shulman has been both a classroom teacher and a school librarian. This upcoming school year, she will be entering her 8th year in public education serving Title 1 schools. Her areas of expertise are school library leadership, brain-based learning strategies, and creating maker-spaces in the current library atmosphere.

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