Thursday #AASL17 Social Media Contest Winners

As part of the #AASL17 National Conference festivities, AASL is holding a daily social media contest! Here are those lucky posters who took the top honors for Thursday, November 9! (Want to participate? Find out how!)

Most Informative

Nancy Jo Lambert @nancyjolambert

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Most Entertaining or Funniest

Leslie Maniotes @lesliemaniotes  Link

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Best Picture

Melissa Daggett @happifeet2 link

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Best Selfie

L in the Library @Linthelibrary Link

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Best Notes

Ellen McNair @emcnair1 Link

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Best Group Photo

Mary Jo Richmond‏ @fcpslibrary


Best picture

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Cynthia Alaniz @utalaniz Link

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Author: Jane Lofton

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