Time Saver: Locate Old Tweets with Twitter Search

Have you ever needed to locate an old tweet from your Twitter account? I recently did as I needed to remember what I tweeted last year for Digital Citizenship Week. Each year, I tweet fun facts or interesting ideas regarding digital citizenship. I could not remember what I did last year and I did not want to spend a long time scrolling through my profile to find those tweets.

I was able to find a quick solution thanks to Elisa Gabbert with Wordstream.

How to search

Go to Twitter’s search bar


Type the following information.

Click “Latest” to view the tweets in order, starting with the most recent.

From:username  since:date(year-month-date) until:date(year-month-date)

From:bvwlibrary since:2017-10-01 until:2019-10-01

Click “Latest” to view the tweets in order, starting with the most recent.

This search option also works for other Twitter accounts, not just your own account.

Search Example

When would you use this?

  • Locate past tweets from a special event or date.
  • Go back in time to see the very first tweets of your account.
  • Make sure you are not duplicating tweets from previous years.
  • Find past tweets from another user to show opinions that changed over time.

Author: Becca Munson

Becca Munson, Librarian, is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 24 years of experience in education. Becca is the Coordinator for Library Systems in the Blue Valley School District. Previously, she was school librarian at Blue Valley West High School. She opened two buildings in Blue Valley and spent some time as an Ed Tech Specialist before returning to libraries. Becca supports over 45 librarians and support staff as they work to fulfill the mission of flexible scheduling, collaboration, and literacy.

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  1. Great tip, Becca! I find myself more and more frequently trying to find that one tweet where someone had a great tip, tool, resource, or idea (or that time I actually had something useful to say…).

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