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Google Slides is a versatile tool that can enhance a variety of documents created for the school library.  I use it for almost everything–library newsletters, tutorials, handouts, images, and gifs. Google Slides provides a flexible canvas compared to using Google Docs and allows users to easily embed into websites.

Google Slides has add-ons, additional features that can be added individually, that enhance the usability for many purposes.

To access Google Add-Ons, open Google Slides, and choose Add-Ons from the menu. Click Get Add-Ons. Browse hundreds of options or search by keyword or title of the add-on.

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Image Add-Ons

For image add-ons, check out the following:

  • Icons by Noun Project: Noun Project provides access to thousands of icons. Users can easily search this site and add to any slide.
  • Insert Icons for Slides: Insert Icons offers access to thousands of Font Awesome and Google Material Design icons. Users can also change the color and add to Slides.
  • Unsplash Images: Unsplash Images provides access to images that are free to use.

GIF Creator

To create Gifs, check out the following:

  • Slide-Slide-Gif: This option enables users to convert slides into Gifs. It’s helpful for showing how to use new technology.
  • Bjorn’s GIF-maker:  This option also enables users to convert slides into Gifs. It requires a subscription after 7 days.


For interactive add-ons, check out these options:

  • Slido: With this option you can create polls and surveys for participants.
  • Pear Deck Add-OnL If you utilize the interactive tool, Pear Deck, then this add-on improves the use of the tool.
  • Nearpod Add-On: Nearpod is an interactive instructional tool like Pear Deck. Use the Add-On to easily create and use Nearpod.

What other add-ons do you use in Google Slides?

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