Voting for the National Student/Parent Mock Election Starts Oct. 25

Voting for the biggest civic education project in the country, the National Student/Parent Mock Election, starts tomorrow. Visit for ballots and voting instructions.

Voting will take place from October 25 through November 3. Everything is free.

All students may now vote on smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, or any other Internet related device.

Since the project began over 50 million students, and often their parents too, have learned what it means to be an American by participating in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Sixty percent of participants are elementary or middle schools and 40% are high schools. Twenty percent of the nation’s schools are participating.

Almost 60 national educational, civic, business and religious organizations cooperate with the National Student/Parent Mock Election.

To learn more, visit

Author: Meg Featheringham, KQ Editor

Meg Featheringham is responsible for the development and production of the AASL journal, Knowledge Quest. When not working at AASL, Meg enjoys playing euchre, attending concerts and plays, spending time with family and friends, and reading (of course).

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