So You Want to Publish a Book: An Interview with Denise Ditto-Satterfield

I love books and eventually I want to write a couple of them. Maybe I will get around to it when I retire. Recently, I was at an event and was sitting next to one of the most congenial people that I have ever met. Her name was Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield. We started a conversation and I learned that she is an author. Naturally, I wanted to know more about her work and her publication journey.

While this is a detour from my normal topics, I thought that you all might be interested in reading about her. After all, many educators are children and young adult authors. So, I invited Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield for an interview. Before you read the interview, let me share some background details about Ms. Ditto-Satterfield.

  • She has a degree in professional writing.
  • She spent 27 years working for a real estate attorney and quit her job to pursue a writing career.
  • She is writing a series of tooth fairy chapter books. The first book is called “Batina’s Best First Day.” You can read about her work at
  • As an Executive Director for the Houston Writer’s House, she educates other authors about how to get published.

Me: How did you decide on the topic for your book?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: Everyone at work knew I went back to school for writing and was going to write a book for children. One day a good friend came into work. Her daughter had lost a tooth. Her daughter wanted to know if all tooth fairies were girls. This concerned her and she came to work that day to me and said, “You need to write a book about the tooth fairy. Some of them need to be boys.” And I thought, “Well that’s kind of an interesting thing to write about.” It blossomed from there. It started out as a picture book and became the early chapter book that I have today about tooth fairies.

Addressing gender stereotypes is important. In my first book, there are boys in the story. But I don’t have any that are tooth collector fairies. So, in book two I’m going to introduce a twin brother to one of the girls in the first book. He is going to play a big role in the second book.

Me: How long did it take to write the book?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: I began writing and taking notes on September 1, 2011. It took 3 years to write the book.

Me: What was your publishing process like?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: Publishing is such a process. I graduated with a degree in professional writing. But I still felt like I didn’t know anything about what I was trying to do, which was write a book and publish it. I joined two or three writing organizations. I threw myself into this environment to learn about publishing.

I started going to workshops and conferences where professional critiquing services were offered. I hired a professional coach that I mailed the book to. She helped me to focus on areas that were lacking. From that point forward, I realized what I needed to do. Publishing is not so much about getting the whole idea down into a book form. It is more about, once you’ve written the book, revising it, and getting it in a coherent format people can understand.  After the third year, I started the process of trying to get the book published.

Me: When we met, you told me about your writing coach. How did you find the professional writing coach?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: I joined the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) group. In the past, I have gone to their meetings and conferences. Somebody at one of their meetings told me about the coach that I used for my first book. I contacted her by email and she responded.

Me: This sounds expensive. Can the average person afford to hire a professional coach?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: It is not expensive. I think the maximum was about $300 for my whole book. It is a chapter book. Her fee was $75 an hour. I feel fortunate to have had somebody to pick out the areas that might need work. The problem when you are writing, is that you think it’s wonderful. I have decided that before I get excited, I want to have somebody go through my work. The truth is that nobody writes a perfect manuscript the first time. You don’t see a lot of the things that other people see.

Me: How did you find a publisher?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: I took my book to conferences like the SCBWI conference. The conferences have agents and editors there that you can hire. You can pay to have a meeting with them and try to convince them to become your agent. Conferences also offer critiquing sessions. I went to a conference and met with a professional coach that writes for Disney. She gave me a nice critique and said that my book might not be a candidate for traditional publishing because I write about brushing teeth. She asked if I planned to market to pediatric dentists. I responded, “Yes.” Then she suggested that I self-publish.

I started to look for someone to help me with self-publishing. I found an illustrator that I was interested in on (now You can also find illustrators through SCBWI. During the same time, I met a woman that worked for a small press in Texas. She met with me and I pitched my story. I signed a contract with the small press to publish my book. I thought, “This is good. I won’t have to worry about figuring out anything.” Eventually I found out that the woman that was working with me resigned and they did not get my book done. I was able to cancel my contract and I decided that I just needed to publish myself.

I hired a publishing consultant because I didn’t know what to do. I reached out to my friends in the writing community for help. Sure enough, I got the name of the lady who walked me through everything that I needed to do.

I was very concerned about putting out a product that was professional.  I know that a lot of self-published books are not the highest quality. I didn’t want to fall into that category. The consultant answered my questions and had a list of different steps that I needed to take.

Me: I understand that book coaches, publishing consultants, and book editors have different jobs. Can you tell me how you found the editor for the book?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: As far as the editor goes, I am involved in the Houston Writer’s House and they have a list of different editors. Plus, I communicated with all of my writing friends in my writing community. You can also search for editors online.

Me: Do you have advice for school librarians that want to publish with a publisher?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: I would suggest that once they have their manuscript written, that they learn how to pitch the idea or the story. Next, attend conferences that bring in agents and editors. Some conferences are genre specific. That is not necessary as long as the conference has agents and editors present. Sign up to sit in front of somebody and pitch them the idea. If they like the idea, sometimes they will ask to see the first 10 pages or ask for the manuscript.

I also suggest that they go online and find books that they like and see who is publishing them. Go to the publisher’s website and find out if they are accepting unsolicited submissions. There are guidelines on the websites with requirements for submissions. A lot of the big publishing houses, will only accept submissions from agents.

Me: What do you recommend for those that want to self-publish?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: I recommend they find a publishing consultant that will walk them through step-by-step. Don’t take the shortcut route. A publishing consultant will make sure that they don’t miss any important steps.

Me: What advice do you have for librarians who want to invite a self-published author for a visit?

Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield: A lot of the self-published authors are going to events that librarians are attending. Ask the self-published author if they do events and visits. I also suggest that librarians ask them about school visits. Get the author’s email and website addresses. Most importantly, let the author know any expectations in advance. Discuss the age groups, the timeframe, and if the author needs to bring their own equipment.

In conclusion, I hope that you have enjoyed my interview with Mrs. Ditto-Satterfield. Perhaps you will be publishing your book sometime in the near future. If you have experiences and advice for publishing, please share them in the comments section. As always, please continue on to read the August 2017 professional development.

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Author: Daniella Smith

Daniella Smith, PhD. is a former school and public librarian. She is currently the Hazel Harvey Peace Professor in Children’s Library Services at the University of North Texas.

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  1. I enjoyed hanging with her at several conferences. Last spring, her Tooth Fairy book won the grand prize at the Chanticleer Author Conference. Her sweet book was just perfect for my neighbor’s preschooler who loves fairies. I think she will learn about caring for her teeth too.

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