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As was discussed in a District Dispatch post on November 19th, the final language of the Every Student Succeeds Act (the bill that reauthorizes ESEA)  negotiated by a House and Senate Conference Committee has just been released.  I am happy to report that the members of the Committee recognized the importance of an effective school library program to a child’s education and reflected that in their Conference Report!  As expected, now that we have the completed Report things will move quickly. The House is currently scheduled to vote on the bill later this week and the Senate will follow soon after.

While we made it into the Conference Report, our job is not yet finished.  Speaker Ryan has said that unless he feels sure of passage, he will not bring the Conference Report to a vote.  It is essential that you take a moment to let your Representative know that you support holding a vote on the Conference Report and want that vote to be “AYE!”  Head over to ALA’s Engage page for all of the necessary information to make your voice heard now!
An overview of the library provisions found in the Every Student Succeeds Act can be found here.

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