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Since the pandemic I’ve wanted to be able to make changes to my library website. The way that students and teachers access the information the library has to offer has changed. I wanted to build an updated site that gave students and teachers access to what they needed whether they were working remotely or in-person. Still not sure if my school library will be open this fall, I wanted to take the summer to create an updated website with my fellow High school librarian. 

Things to Consider

The first step was sitting down to make a list of the changes I felt like needed to be made. I wanted more information to be able to be displayed, and more control over what I could do and create. We chose to use Google Sites as our platform for this project. My PLC partner, Ben Wagnoer, helped me tremendously in setting up the template and helping me curate the information to share. My main goal for this project was to have a collection of information that would be helpful for students and staff working remotely or from the building. We came up with the main areas of:

  • Home
  • Academics
  • Find A Great Book
  • Technology 

Making the Changes

Currently my school website is outdated and fragmented. This new version will hopefully meet the needs of my students, teachers, and even parents looking for information in better ways. This new version is in no way finished. This is just where I am at the moment with placeholder pictures in many spots that need to be updated before it goes live connected to my school. I wanted to start all orientations this year with the updated website and give everyone a chance to view it and play around with it as the year begins.  

Websites are really a first window into a location. I knew after the pandemic I needed to change a lot about what mine said. Part of that was taking control and creating a website of our own to share all of the great information we have. My hope is that the new website will be well received as we start the school year this August. I know this new version will be ever changing and responsive to the needs of our school population.


Author: Elizabeth Libberton

Elizabeth Libberton is the library media specialist at St. Charles East High School in St. Charles Illinois. She currently writes book reviews for School Library Journal. She is a member of the ALA Awards Selection Committee. Also, she is a member of the steering committee for the AISLE Lincoln Book Award.

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