Why blog in 2018?

I had a library blog a few years ago. I would post projects, ideas, photos, videos, and more. When I started focusing on Twitter, I lost my desire to post articles. I mean, who wants to read a blog post with lots of words when reading a tweet takes seconds?

Well, I do.

I love reading this Knowledge Quest blog for ideas and importantly, I love searching the blog when needing an idea.

Recently, a teacher and I were discussing independent reading and assessment. We needed ideas – we needed inspiration. I went to Catlin Tucker’s blog and conducted a search on her site.  I found a blog post with great information and lots of details to implement. The teacher and I were not only inspired, but willing to try out some of her ideas.

Why? or Why Not?

The blog can become a place for professional reflection and demonstration. Consider one of the following ideas.

  • A digital portfolio of your work and ideas.
  • Provide the “rest of the story” from your tweets.
  • Enter a dialogue or conversation with others.
  • Inspire other professionals.

What Would I Blog?

Ideas: Thinking of redesigning your space? Write a post about your ideas. Post photos. Ask for feedback.

Reflection: Reflect on a lesson or activity that did or did not work. Post handouts, website links, and photos.

Books: Post the books you are reading. Give reviews.

Tech Tips: Learn something new and share. Write why it is helpful.

The First Post

The first post is the most difficult. How do you start? What do you write? Don’t worry – it does feel strange.

Here are some suggestions

  • Write about your library journey and why you started the blog.
  • Jump right in with posting ideas
  • Create a questionnaire for yourself to answer so others can learn about you

Blogging Resources

There are many blogging tools available. Here are just a few





When you feel that no one is reading your blog, remember that writing a blog is so much more about you and your reflection. I still look back on my first blog and remember lessons and ideas because I took time to reflect and post.

So if you are thinking of starting up a blog like me, let us know below. If you have a blog, post the URL below and give advice to new bloggers.

Author: Becca Munson

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  1. Hi, Becca!
    Here is a post about blogging to make global connections: https://www.theedublogger.com/
    Great ideas here for educators and learners!

    I recently started a blog with my friend who is a curriculum director. We share compelling picture books and lesson ideas that support the AASL Standards. https://librarylessonswithbooks.com/

  2. Thank you for this. I have tried and tried to get a school library blog going for a few years and I just seem to run out of inspiration. I don’t want a school library blog based only on student projects. I do want to write about interesting topics, topics of contention or discussion, facts and new resources. I guess my dilemma is creating a schedule of what when where and why. Do you know of a site or sites that offer daily topics that I might use to get my thinking and inspiration fired up?

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